7 Exceptionally Effective Green Cleaning Tips

baking-soda-vinegarSometimes, it feels like a daunting task to keep your living space sanitary and presentable. You always are of the opinion that there is less time available in the day and more cleaning tasks to accomplish. Therefore, in order to avoid the hassle and frustration, day to day cleaning is mandatory excluding bigger projects like washing windows and curtains that must be carried out once in a year.

Fantastic Four Household Cleaners:
However, you need not to worry because the fantastic four house cleaners that are baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and salt can really make the cleaning a child’s play for you and following tips explain how.

  • Cleaning Glass and Mirrors:

    There is no need of ammonia cleaners because you can conveniently clean the mirrors and glass in your home just by mixing 4 tablespoons of lemon juice with half gallon of water. Moreover, alcohol and witch-haze can be effective cleaners as well if rubbed against the glass surface. Another, very common tip to clean glass windows is to a clean with lint free rag.
  • Vinyl:

    Vinyl items are perhaps the most difficult to be cleaned among all household things. However, an easy method to clear stains on vinyl items such as tile floors and recliners is to dip a cloth into straight lemon juice and rubbing it on to effected area. The stains will disappear as they never existed before.
  • Paint Odors:
    Paint odors stay in the home for long periods of time and are very difficult to get rid of especially if the home is not well ventilated. However, whenever you indulge in any indoor painting project, scatter small dishes containing vinegar all around the home to control the smell. Keep plates in the home for few days after the painting is over to keep smell at bay and never forget to change the vinegar every day.
  • Fireplace:

    If your fireplace has accumulated a lot of soot with smudging smoke around its exteriors, you can revitalize the looks just by applying a paste of water and tartar. It is very simple to do as you just have to rub the paste on the stains, let it dry followed by scrubbing it off. If the interior of fireplace and chimneys is the worry for you, you can get rid of soot build up just by tossing handful of salt as burning salt will loosen the soot.
  • Greening the Air Ducts:

    Your home infrastructure such as heating and cooling ducts also needs regular checkups and cleaning. If you have never paid any attention on this aspect of cleaning, this the time to do so as the dirty air coming through these ducts will adversely affect your health in addition with building dust and dirt inside your home. The Air filters must be changed every change of season. Hire the duct cleaning experts who have HEPA filteration high pressure vacuums. High pressure air effectively removes the dust, pet dander and many other allergens from the ducts.
  • Bare Floors:

    The simple water and vinegar solution is more than enough to clean almost all types of floors. Mix a cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water and mop it on any surface whether it is vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum etc. Moreover, you need not to rinse afterwards and if your vinyl or linoleum floors look bit dull after cleaning, shine them up by mopping them with straight club soda. Before using water/vinegar mix on Hardfloors, make sure the hard floor is sealed properly.
  • Furniture Polishing:

    Furniture polish is usually made up of petroleum solvents and distillates and both of them smell badly and are hazardous as well as extremely poisonous. In order to overcome the problem, you need to mix 1 part of lemon juice with 2 parts of olive oil and apply them on the furniture. Resultantly, you will get a nice smell coming out of furniture and it will shine brilliantly as well.

So open your pantry, grab those 4 items and clean your home without any hassle and stress.

4 Rug-Saving Cleaning Tips

baby-rugThe right rug can completely transform a home’s interior, bringing warmth and character in a way that no piece of furniture can. Rugs give you a rare opportunity to introduce vibrant colors and crazy designs into a room without requiring the upheaval of more simple color schemes and furniture. Unlike carpets, rugs are mobile, making them easier to clean and extremely versatile in terms of decorating. If you put the wrong set of carpet in your house, you are royally screwed. You are forced to choose between completely redecorating, tearing up the carpet and starting over, or living with gag-inducing interior design. With rugs, should you find that the colors don’t match or the angle is wrong or this, that, and the other… you simply pick the rug and everything is fine!

Obviously rugs are great to own. And they can be bought as gorgeous souvenirs from many different places. So often, travelers come back from exotic locales with sentimental items that possess no function whatsoever. But with a rug, you have something beautiful and functional, a piece to anchor an entire room that serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful times you had abroad. Something so special must be well taken care of.

Many rug owners, unfortunately, make the mistake of treating their rug like normal carpet. Every rug is unique and requires unique treatment when it comes to cleaning. Most rugs, however, will benefit from these simple rug cleaning tips.



1) Vacuum the bottom of the rug

rug-bottomThis step is often neglected. The underside of a rug can carry a tremendous amount of dirt and dust. A beater vacuum head or rotating brush piece is recommended over simple suction vacuum pieces, as the underside of a rug tends to be made of a more difficult-to-clean material. Obviously, this won’t be possible for larger sized rugs, but if you own a smaller more manageable rug size, then this tip will help. For larger rug sizes, we suggest calling in the rug cleaning pros.


2) Avoid vacuuming fringes and tassels

rug-tasselsThis is extremely important. Worn tassels and frayed fringes can emasculate the look of an otherwise perfect rug. There is no need to vacuum these parts of your rug, and using a vacuum on them will actually do much more harm than good.

All you need to clean the fringes and tassels is to simply go over them with a duster or fluff them by hand.



3) Avoid carpet shampoos

rug-cleanersAgain, your rug is not the same as your carpet. DO NOT treat them the same way! Many carpet cleaning shampoos and sprays that work brilliantly for synthetic carpet threads will cause the colors in your rug to bleed all over each other or fade. Pay strict attention to cleaning labels and do your research before testing any sort of product on your beautiful rug. It is advised to test a small portion of the rug to check the color bleeding. Or better yet, let a professional rug cleaner in your area take care of the deep cleaning for you.


4) Clean your rug immediately after spots and spills

rug-spot-cleaningThis should be a no-brainer, and it is the same as any tip you’ll find for carpet cleaning. Cleaning up stains, spots, and spills should be the priority as soon as they happen. Unless your child is drowning in the adjacent bathroom, nothing should distract you from getting that spill cleaned up if you want your lightly colored rug to survive the night. Just make sure you’re cleaning up minor spills in the safest way possible for your rug type. Always test the carpet spot cleaner on a small insignificant portion of rug for color bleeding before applying it to the actual spot. And again… when in doubt, call a professional!


There you have it. If you don’t have a rug, buy one. And if you do, keep it looking spiffy with these handy rug cleaner tips.

5 Myths Busted About Green Cleaning

30sznyvHome cleaning using Green Cleaning methods has been used widely here in the US. This method has not thrived without rumors and myths surrounding its use and efficacy. Some of the myths rely majorly on what the products used to be when they were first introduced into the market before they were fully refined.

A number of the myths that were widely spread have since been busted confirming that Green Cleaning actually works.




What are some of the myths about green cleaning?

  1. Green cleaning detergents are ineffective
    Fact: There has been a common myth that the green cleaning products do not work and cannot work when it comes to carry out home cleaning. This myth has been really spread by many people and it has reached by and wide. The fact of the matter is that the Green products are indeed effective and cleans the same way as their conventional counterparts, if not better.
  2. The Government protects us by testing all chemical products in the market
    Fact: In our American society, if this could have been true, then several products would not be in the market as I write. This myth was basically spread by people who did not want to change from the regular products and therefore opting to defend them as healthy products. Unfortunately, there are so many chemical products that have not been tested and that contain chemicals that are harmful to humans.
  3. Green cleaning products are more expensive than the regular products
    Fact: There has been a myth going round that Green products are more expensive than the regular cleaning products. The fact is that the green products are not really true but are within the price range of the other regular products. Some green cleaning products could be expensive, but that is also true with their regular counterparts that also have some specific products that are also expensive.
  4. Green cleaning is mere fashion created by the media and proponents
    Fact: A number of people believed that the Green products are just but a trend that would not stand the test of time. When the products got into the market some years back, they came with great publicity, including media coverage and other advertising aids. This myth was dismissed though, since the products have stayed long enough and are only growing in popularity.
  5. Green cleaning is only about the actual cleaning detergents
    Fact: This is one of the myths that took the center stage for the perfectionists who look at products, instructions for use, and some of the materials needed for a good use. This group of people argued that Green cleaning products had neither information nor instructions of use. The fact of the matter is that the green products actually have methods and procedures of use with clear instructions as well. The myth does not hold water anymore.

The Green Cleaning initiative has stayed around long enough to dispel all the myths that have been associated with them. It has therefore been proven that the green products are actually effective and are good for Home Cleaning.

Green Cleaning Products – Escape the Chemical Nightmare


Did you know that auto immune diseases, allergies and a host of “behavioral issues” are widely believed to be attributed to harmful chemicals in our environment? Green cleaning products used to be “old wives tales” or “housewife hints” but more and more parents are moving towards safer, more environmentally friendly cleaning products and devices.

Green Cleaning and Vacuum Products For Safety

Have you ever leaned over to clean your bath and felt that odd burning feeling in your throat? That’s ammonia and bleach giving you a mild chemical burn.

Do you really want to bathe your baby in the residue?

Some mold cleaners kill mold but create an ideal place for it to re-spawn, meaning that it comes right back…so you buy more mould cleaner.

Did you know that vinegar changes the pH in your shower so mould can’t survive? And it’s about a fifteenth the price of commercial mold killers….

These very harsh, and environmentally devastating chemicals aren’t just bad for your family (and linked to skin complaints, allergies and all sorts of long term health effects) they’re devastating for the environment. The difference between a green cleaning product and a dangerous chemical could be the future of our waterways.

The Best Green Cleaning Alternatives

Not only are traditional cleaners safer for your family and the environment, most of the time they’re MUCH cheaper. Baking soda, soap nuts, vinegar, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, orange oil and walnuts are all affordable, locally available and eco-friendly clean and polishing products! Here’s a few you may not be aware of!

• A handful of soap nuts replaces harmful laundry liquids and conditioners – they cost under .03c per wash!
• Scratches on timber furniture can be buffed away by rubbing a walnut into the veneer
• Rubbing stainless steel will remove the smell of garlic better than all the expensive soaps in the world.
Eucalyptus oil (an Australian product) in a spray bottle with water cleans windows and other glass streak free. It’s also a better antiseptic than the leading brand name medicines.
Clove oil is the easiest way to get rid of mould and then a splash of vinegar every few days will stop it coming back.
• Everyone’s favorite green alternative to harsh, nasty drain cleaner? A box of bi-carbonate soda down the drain, followed by a bottle of vinegar. Put the plug in, and hold it down – it safely, effectively blasts away the blockage.

HEPA Vacuums are the new leader in the green cleaning industry

When allergies struck in the old days mum brought out the cleaning basket. She scrubbed with bleach. She sprayed the surface cleaner. She mopped with floor cleaner. She dusted with furniture polish. She sprayed the best with insecticide. She washed with clothes sanitizer….and after all that, little Johnny or Mary’s skin allergies, wheezing, sneezing and swelling just kept getting worse.

Removing pet hair, dust and microscopic insect droppings from the home can now be done using only a HEPA vacuum, air purifier and some green cleaning products. A HEPA vac can remove microscopic solids from your environment and an air purifier can keep them at bay between vacuums. As for floors, there’s vinegar. For furniture, there’s orange oil and walnut rubs. For laundry there are soap nuts. There’s a whole world of safer, healthier green cleaning products on the market, all you have to do is look!

Image by Julie G. on Flickr

Holistic Approach to Life Helps Save the Environment

Holistic LivingThere have been meat-eaters and there also have been those who vouch for vegetarianism. While the latter’s reasons may be religious, to ward off diseases or on humanitarian grounds, the former have tempted the latter with what they could be missing out on by depriving the latter’s taste-buds!

While it is futile convincing anyone to forsake their ideas, the world will be a better place for the future generations, if we adopt a holistic approach.

Saving the environment does not indicate that one should forsake meat alone; it means forsaking greed. Our eco-system is a well-balanced one, with the availability for every being’s needs, but not for every being’s greed! When we break this fragile eco-system thereby exploiting it, we are creating nothing but irreparable damage. If only the world’s builders mend their vandalizing ways, each time trees are cut down to make way for skyscrapers and hotels; if only seafarers are prudent to avoid oil-spillage; if only scientists realize the wreckage the discovery of nuclear weapons can create; if only you and I switch off the engine during a long wait; if only we during an excursion think before dirtying a pristine lake or hill, we would have managed to live a holistic life, safeguarding the world.

The herbivores depend on plants for food, the carnivores depend on herbivores and the dwindling population of either is absolutely dangerous for you and me.

Both developing as well as developed countries can do well to consider the imbalance staring at them and build a bridge to shorten the chasm. If you think population is the core culprit of developing countries, do think about the wastage of land and resources of developed countries! The United States alone has enough to feed the whole world.

Let’s start from home. Check on what is used in surplus and think of ways of curtailing this overuse. Think of ways of being a rolling potato instead of being a couch potato. A car-pool not only reduces pollution, but builds camaraderie too. Enjoy a walk with your companion rather than a drive. Ensure you consume very less electricity. A bored child can be taught the basics of gardening and made to sow seeds and tend to plants.

Find alternatives to substitute chemical pesticides. Sodium bicarbonate is an effective insect repellant when mixed with milk. Neem leaves and neem oil keep mosquitoes and even fungus at bay. Segregate organic and inorganic waste. While the former can be used as plant food, find if you can reuse inorganic waste in innovative ways. A simple man from India, Nek Chand did just that by creating a “Rock Garden” with waste like porcelain cups and saucers, electric bulbs, pens, bangles, et al!!

Make maximum use of the freely available resource such as sunlight, moonlight, the cool breeze, the rains, plants and trees etc. That’s what it means to living with nature harmoniously. Take initiative in learning about and implementing effective techniques like rainwater harvesting, vermiculture, solar homes, green energy products etc.

Say no to plastic and find substitutes for the same. Ask yourself if you certainly need a product, be it food or any product.

Catch them young – teach kids about going green

One of the best ways of keeping our environment clean and green is by teaching kids more about how we can keep our environment green. It is best to try to motivate them at a very young age. If we are able to tell them more about the benefits of going green at a young age, we will manage to get them hooked on to it for life. But we need to be imaginative when we discuss such topics with them. Kids don’t like when elders give them serious talks on any possible issue. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the environment or would not want to do anything to save it.

The trick is in getting them involved in activities that can be enjoyable as well as interesting. You can try any method that can get them involved in going green. Show the benefits of going green in a practical manner. This will have a bigger impact on them than just words. In case you are not able to come up with anything, here are some ways to try your luck with them:

You can start by encouraging them to save energy in every possible way in your house. The best way to do this is to first follow such the habits yourself. Your kids will be inspired to do the same when they see their parents doing anything that can save energy in the house. You can even have a competition in your house where the person who saves the most amount of energy will be rewarded with some catchy prize.

Try to teach them a number of ways to recycle the stuff that is lying waste at your place. You can start with paper; teach them to make paste out of it so that they can make paper bags and other things from it. This will also help them to cut down on the use of plastics at your place. In case there is waste cardboard, teach them a number of tricks so that they can build mini houses from it or models of cars. Give them paint so that they will have a nice time by making everything colorful. Remember only give them paints that are environmental friendly.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your kids. Go for a walk in the countryside with them. They will be able to appreciate nature more when they are in close contact with it. Try to tell them more on animals and plants that they find interesting. This will help them to develop more interest in such plants and animals.

You need to tell them why use of plastic is bad for our environment – if you are able to do this then you will be able to prevent them from harming our planet in a major way. Plastic is one of the chief menaces that are creating major environmental problems on our planet.

Remember always be patient with your kids when you are discussing about the environment. It pays to be patient because if you can get them involved in the conservation of the environment, they will do their best in following this cause all their life.



Gifting a loved one with something they would cherish is a thing we all love to do. Although the market is flooded with choicest of gifts, any giver would want his gift to be the most unique. In today’s times, where the most exorbitant of gifts seem befitting, it will be a wise and conscious decision to invest one’s time and money in more meaningful and environmentally safer options.

Depending upon your proximity, a bouquet large or small is a very ‘green’ and touching gift. Despite the bouquet having a short shelf life, flowers do usher in cheer, whether they are gifted for anniversaries or to convalescing patients.


Another idea will be to tend to rare herbs or flowering shrubs in your garden and gift a few to someone close, along with instructions how they need to be looked after. Seeds of flowers, herbs are also simple options. An aunt who has a green thumb maintains a beautiful garden, presented me with the best gift I have received in this lifetime- a few hanging pots, moss, packets of seeds, potted rose shrubs, a few potted herbs, garden tools and organic manure, not to mention a gardening book for beginners. And today, I’m a proud owner of a pretty garden!

During Christmas, a lovely Christmas tree along with decorations will be welcome in any household.

A woman once discouraged a beggar without giving him money, but a few flower saplings, and taught him to plant those, sell the produce and earn money. Instead of giving him fish, she taught him to fish!

A letter pad made of recycled paper, along with recycled paper envelopes, make ideal gifts to teenage girls. Greeting cards made of recycled paper may be a bit costlier, but is environmentally better too.  Books made of recycled paper are wonderful options too.

Children using pencils can be given pencils that are made out of recycling wood. Color pencils, and lead pencils will excite small children and they will naturally make a decision to buy only those brands.

When gifting clothes, again pure cotton or woolen or handloom garments, or textile painted in fabric colors will be unique.

Older relatives will love handmade jams, jellies and squashes made from fruits hand picked from your garden. Ripe, juicy fresh, fruits will always be appreciated.


When you visit Asian and African countries, you will be mesmerized by the bewitching natural items on display. Indian shawls, lacquered bangles, embroidered pouches, table mats, decorative wall hangings, stained glass paintings or table lamps made of stained glass, handloom stoles with designs made from block prints having distinct motifs, metal handicrafts like lamps, brass plates, metal or earthen statues etc make elegant gifts. All of the above come in sizes to suit any budget.


Curios made of stones make rare gifts too. The much famed marble masterpiece of the Taj Mahal is brought alive in miniature marble monuments and any visitor to India would love to own this miniature marvel to remind them of the romantic time they spent in India.  China porcelain, blue pottery of Rajasthan etc also make beautiful gifts to contain your delicate plants.


Cane furniture or curios made of cane will be cherished by one and all.  Another unique and tasteful gift, especially found in hilly regions, is flowers and foliage preserved and pressed in dainty patterns. You can collect foliage of different shapes and sizes-slender, long, rounded, heart shaped, along with wild flowers, press them to form a different pattern, frame and gift it. You may have to use preservatives, but organic preservatives may be used too.


Appropriate office stationery, that includes papers, diary, letter pads, envelopes, etc made from recycled paper, along with wooden pen holders, cane trash bins to toss in papers, files and even gift wrappers made form recycled papers etc are novel corporate gifts too.

Most shops wrap their goods in plastic carry bags. Better options would be to use eco friendly carry bags made from recycled paper.


One always wonders what to gift to a woman who starts life new.  An ideal gift would be to collect a few chosen relished recipes, pasted in a scarp book, and along with handy hints to remove stains from fabrics, and some home made beauty concoctions. Also include some handy tips to enliven the marriage bonds during trying times. The recipient is sure to use this gift more often, and add her own ideas and experiences to it.


Scented candles, in delicate perfumes, Aromatherapy natural oils of Rosemary, Sandal, Lavender, Chamomile, Juniper and Eucalyptus will be cherished and every time the user uses these, they will be reminded of you. Herbal soaps are non-allergic with their woody perfume. Sandalwood products, incense sticks, soaps, perfumes, sandal dust, pens made out of sandalwood, sandal oil, face packs, sachets which contain fragrances that can be placed inside the wardrobes etc. are sandal wood products liked by everyone. Gifting women with a complete array of the above articles make delightful gifts.

Empty jars may be placed in wardrobes for their lingering perfume. Even if the jars are tossed into the trash bin, some day when the familiar scent wafts by, the user would reminisce about the ‘times’ she used the product, the memories of which may just waft by!


Oriental rugs will be treasured by the owner and will make ideal gifts for weddings and house warming ceremonies.


Hand-knitted sweaters, booties and bonnets will be ideal for new born babies. Many grandmothers who are adept at knitting, embroidery and appliqué work have busied themselves as soon as they’ve learnt about the impending arrival. Not only your children, but also your grandchildren will treasure these as they cherish these.


An ultimate gift for a family member would be to collect rare photographs of vacations; anniversaries etc and make an album along with titles of the time and place. You can paste rare family photographs in a huge frame and this can be hung on the wall.

Hanging a family tree on the wall or given as a gift to a near and dear one will be unique! Sal wood twigs can be used to make frames which encase relatives-grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, nieces, nephews and children along with their spouses. This wall in the house will never go unnoticed, as guests will throng to take a curious peep. That eccentric aunt and grumpy uncle of yours will be happy too, that their picture has found its way into your collection. There, you’ve made someone experience a sense of belongingness!


For the beauty conscious, face packs, herbal lipsticks, creams, exfoliating scrubs, seaweed for a spa experience, bath salts, manicure and pedicure creams that are made from purely herbal substances, etc can make thoughtful gifts.

Of all kinds of promising hair oil displayed in the market, I still prefer my mother’s home made hair oil, where she adds rose petals, Aloe Vera gel, hibiscus flowers, herbs etc in coconut or castor oil.


People living in tropical areas can select fresh spices from their garden, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, etc, to relatives or friends living far off. Those living in the Middle-east can opt for cashews, avocados, almonds, raisins and other dry fruits. After all nature never goes out of style.

How to replace Electrolux Belt

How to replace Electrolux Belt

I normally find that my friends are not able to use their vacuum cleaners whenever the belt in the vacuum cleaners has to be replaced. They actually wait for the technician to replace it before they use it for cleaning their homes. Sadly at times their wait is a very long one, as technicians have to attend to a large number of calls per day. At times these technicians are not very professional in attending to a particular call because of their careless nature. Are you one of those who simply hate doing any kind of mechanical work? Or are you one of those who have never done any kind of mechanical work at your home? Well the next time you need to replace the belt in your Electrolux (Upright) vacuum cleaner, don’t depend on anyone else or wait till the technician drops by at your place. You too can do this task provided you follow all the instructions given below properly:

You can start the process by unplugging the Electrolux (Upright) vacuum cleaner that is lying at your place. Remember you need to be careful while replacing the belt as any sort of carelessness on your side will cost you, if you break anything.

Place the vacuum cleaner in such a way so that you can easily access the bottom plate. Take out the screws and keep them aside. You can then turn over the vacuum cleaner and place it across flat.

You then need to keep a big screwdriver between the cover and the wheel. This needs to be followed for both the wheels. Use the big screwdriver to pry off the top in a careful manner. Do it in such a way so that it gets released from the bottom housing.

You then need to take out screws that are present at the end of the roller. These screws are used to keep the roller fixed on the vacuum cleaner. Once these screws have been removed, you can easily set the roller free. You can push away the belt pulley so that any kind of rubbish that has accumulated in the roller can be removed. The roller should be able to spin easily after the rubbish has been removed.

You can then take a look at the hose and remove any rubbish stuck in it. Then get a new vacuum belt installed – this can be done by first keeping it on the motor shaft. Then lay the vacuum belt above the roller and fix the roller once again. You will then have to put back the screws so that the roller is properly fixed.

Now that you have set everything properly, you can confirm if everything is alright with the vacuum cleaner by spinning it. You can then reassemble the vacuum cleaner.

There – wasn’t the whole process very simple – now that everything is so clear, don’t wait for anyone to replace the belt in your Electrolux vacuum cleaner the next time you want to get it changed. Not only will you save some valuable time and money, but you will also enjoy yourself while doing such a kind of work.

How to avoid Swine Flu

How to avoid Swine Flu

Swine Flu has managed to create a major havoc in all the major cities and countries of the world. No other illness has been able to scare so many people in recent times. In spite of this, hardly anyone seems to know anything that is needed to tackle it in an effective manner. A large number of children too have been infected by Swine Flu. If you are a parent yourself and worried about what you can do to protect your young ones from Swine Flu – you can gain a lot from the info given below. Even if you don’t have kids, the following tips will easily help you to avoid Swine Flu and also guide your family members and close friends in avoiding it.

Wash your hands – although we all like to wash our hands on a regular basis, we forget to do that at times because of our hectic and stressful schedules. But this is a must to avoid getting Swine Flu or any other similar illness. Don’t forget to apply soap and wash the area beyond your wrists while washing your hands – take some time while doing this. You should use paper towels so that you can use them to turn off the tap as well as use them for drying your hands. This is handy as you will not touch any place where there might be some germs – these are the same kind of germs that were also present on your hands before washing them.

Follow etiquette and cover your mouth and nose – whenever you sneeze, you are releasing small globules of liquid. And very often these globules will contain the virus that is responsible for spreading illnesses among human beings. So don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. You can use a tissue that should be discarded after you have used it. In case you use a handkerchief, put it for washing in the washing machine.

Take rest at home when not keeping well – try to take rest at home so that you can totally recover from an illness. Doing this will help you to get stronger and give you a chance to have lots of fluids in your body. But even if after this rest, there is no improvement in your condition then you definitely need to take the help of your personal medical care provider.

Don’t meet in crowded places – although you might like to socialize with other people, avoid meeting friends in crowded public places as viruses are totally active in such places.

Don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes as much as possible – this tip is very important as germs can easily get into your system when you touch such parts of your body due to the presence of moisture.

Follow a healthy lifestyle – finally try to maintain a proper schedule in your daily life. Sleep well, try to avoid stress and have a proper diet.

All the above tips will help you in avoiding Swine Flu as well as unwanted stress caused due to the fear of contracting Swine Flu.