Green Clean: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

It’s hard-working, concentrated and an all around generalist. Our cleaner is good for just about everything. Use 1/4 cup in 1 gallon warm water or 2 tablespoons plus water to refil the Counter-Top Spray.

  • Use on all non-porous surfaces, including sealed stone and hardwood floors
  • Includes Birch Bark Extract — an excellent grease cutter

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Bissell 1400B Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner

Equipped with a 2-3/4 amp motor and safe to use on virtually all carpets, this compact-size Little Green multipurpose deep cleaner can handle both small and large clean-ups, even stubborn spots and stains, as effectively as a full-size machine. It combines a cleaning spray with powerful suction to lift spills before they set in–much better than store-bought chemical cleaners, which get sprayed on or rubbed in, pushing stains deeper into carpet or upholstery fibers. The deep-cleaning machine provides a 4-inch cleaning path, a flexible vacuum hose, and a 15-foot power cord for accessing hard-to-reach areas. In addition, it uses earth-friendly liquid cleaning formulas that do not contain any heavy metals, optical brighteners, phosphates, or dyes. Try the Bissell Pet Odor and Soil Removal solution for getting rid of tough odors, tracked-in dirt, dander, and other soils from pets. Designed to keep maintenance to a minimum, the deep cleaner can be stored ready-to-use and requires nothing more than simply rinsing out the dirty-water tank after each use. A tough-stain brush attachment comes included.

Suitably named Little Green, the earth-friendly deep cleaner has been engineered with sustainable features to reduce waste and help protect the environment. The unit’s redesign offers a 95-percent reduction in PVC. It includes a PVC-free hose, PVC-free solution and collection tanks (made of recyclable polypropylene), as well as parts constructed from 100-percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Even its carton and inner packaging are made from a minimum of 75-percent recycled material–all Styrofoam and PVC inserts have been eliminated. Bissell has made a strong commitment to a healthy environment, and its innovative closed-loop manufacturing process allows new vacuums and deep-cleaning machines to be manufactured using post-consumer recycled content. The Little Green deep-cleaning machine measures 9-1/10 by 18-4/5 by 13-1/4 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. Buy Bissell 1400B Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner

Cleaning with Pets

Most households have a member of the family that looks a little different. Some of these members have more legs than normal, a few have wings, and most have a true hair and feather growing anomoly. And, like all those who have differences, these members of our families require a little bit of special TLC.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to the dogs, cats, birds, spiders, snakes, and other animal members of the group we call pets. Each one needs special care in order to remain healthy and happy in our homes. Even the way we clean affects our little critters.

Pets cause some odors and many have a few accidents throughout the course of their lives. While the odors and accidents may not be a pleasant gift to us, how we clean them can make a difference to our pets. Some animals are sensitive to the cleaners we use to expunge ourselves from their natural perfumes. In fact, more than a few of our animal kingdom friends have met with an untimely exit because of the chemicals they were exposed to in the name of cleaning.

If there is any doubt as to the attraction of chemicals to pets, one only has to think of the canine variety of pets special love of antifreeze. The reason our chemicals cause this type of reaction in animals is the smell of the product. Most cleaners have a sweet or flowery smell that mimics the things in nature that each breed is attracted to naturally. What’s worse is the actual flavor of these chemicals may also mimic nature. This can be seen in children and pets who ingest paint chips containing led. The led lends a sweetness to the paint that is rather appetizing but deadly.

Cirrus makes a lovely ensemble for the dogs and cats in your life that guarantee clean and don’t require the animals to wear protective equipment to survive. The vacuum set features HEPA filtration for the cleanest air and carpets with a pet odor eliminating carbon motor filter to boot. It’s an excellent method of cleaning up after your pet without endangering you or your pet.

Allersearch has some wonderful cleaning products for pets that not only address the hygeine of your pet, but also benefit you as the result is a cleaner home with little effort. The Allersearch Pet+ eliminates excessive pet dander which means less of that dander in your carpets, furniture, and air.

Hoover has those pesky little accidents covered with a wonderful product that will eliminate the smell by helping to eliminate the bacteria that causes the lingering odor long after the accident is a memory. Second Nature Pet Soil and Odor Eliminator delivers the clean you want without banishing the poor animal who created it.

You can get all your pet cleaning supplies at EZVacuum, where pets are people, too.

Cleaning Green

If you’re thinking about going green with your cleaning, you may think about making some cleaners of your own. Many of the home-made cleaners work just as well as the top selling brands and costs just pennies to create. However, don’t make the assumption that just because you made it, the cleaner is completely safe. The creation of cleaning supplies, even natural ones, can still be poisonous if ingested.

The advantages of making your own cleaners comes in knowing what goes into them. Most commercial cleaners have a myriad of chemical compounds. Many of those compounds haven’t been fully tested and those that have been are known to cause allergies, cancers, and other forms of disease. While making the cleaning compounds yourself will not result in 100% safe cleaners, the ingredients used are much safer than those in commercial cleaners.

A basic set of supplies can also save you a bundle of money. Many of the things used to create cleaners are staples and already at hand. Cutting the cost of cleaners down to a few pennies also lets you have more money to spend on items you really want or need. In today’s economy, that’s important.

Here’s a basic list of ingredients for making your own cleaners and where you can find them. Recipes for the cleaners will follow.

baking soda—grocery store

club soda—grocery store

Salt—grocery store

lemon juice—grocery store

vinegar—grocery store

ammonia—grocery store

Once you’re stocked up on ingredients, you’ll only need to add water to the mix to get to cleaning green. None of these ingredients harm the environment when used in the measurements in the recipes and don’t pollute the water that is refined for consumption.

Window Cleaner:

½ cup white vinegar

1 gallon warm water

This simple window cleaner will leave your glass sparkling. It’s also safe enough to drink, so there’s no worry with the kids or the pets. The only two disadvantages are the vinegar smell and the harshness to your hands when your hands are exposed to the solution for longer periods. You can avoid this by wearing gloves when using it. For the smell, well, that goes away pretty fast, too.

In terms of cost, this will only set you back about 7 cents per gallon, leaving plenty of dough for a shopping trip.

Coffee Pot Cleaner

1 tablespoon salt

1tablespoon lemon juice


Place the salt and the lemon juice in the coffee pot and fill about half way with ice (crushed is best) Shake around and watch as your pot becomes like new again. Just make sure you rinse thoroughly to ensure your next pot of coffee doesn’t have a hint of lemon in its flavor.

The cost for this little gem is less than a nickle.

All Purpose Cleaner

¼ cup baking soda

1 cup household ammonia

½ cup white vinegar

1 gallon water

This cleaner covers tile and linoleum floors, appliances, counter tops and more. However, use caution with this mixture as it isn’t safe to drink. Make sure you store it in a tightly lidded container and away from children and pets. It also has a cost of about 40 cents per gallon.

To get stains out of carpets and other fabrics, put some club soda on it and rub gently. The stain will be removed. Just keep in mind that this is for fresh stains and not for set in stains.

If you have silver to clean or jewelry, a good scrubbing with toothpaste will make silver shine.

Also keep in mind that many companies are now endorsing and creating green cleaners that cover everything from disinfecting to eliminating household smells. For some of the greenest cleaners available commercially and the most effective, check out the cleaners at, where the planet’s cleaning needs are a top priority.

TerraCycle All Natural Stain & Odor Remover

This non-toxic, biodegradable solution will naturally get rid of stains and odors caused from feces, urine, blood, vomit and dirt without the use of harsh chemicals. Perfectly safe to use on carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothes or any other water-safe surface. TerraCycle All Natural Stain & Odor Remover uses nature’s own processes to naturally lift and remove stubborn pet stains and odors. Odors are not just masked, they are eliminated! Unique eco-friendly packaging makes this product an even smarter choice! TerraCycle All Natural Stain & Odor Remover is packaged in an upcycled (saved from the landfill and repurposed) bottle, so you can feel good about making a positive impact on our earth while safely and naturally eliminating unpleasant pet stains and odors.
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Biokleen Citrus Automatic Dish Powder – concentrated

Biokleen Citrus Automatic Dish Powder This automatic dishwashing powder was developed for commercial use and is the safest, most effective, environmentally responsible dish soap possible, and the most cost effective. Bi-O-Kleen cleans so well that you dont need to pre-wash your dishes. A great energy and water saver! Super concentrated, no fillers or table salt. Naturally removes stains, fights corrosion and controls odors in automatic dishwashers. Rinses completely free of spots, film and residue. Leaves no chemical taste on the dishes or glassware. Contains no chlorine, borine, phosphorus, quaternaries, nonyl phenol, silicone defoamer, MEA, EDTA, glycol ether, free silica, coloring or artificial fragrance. No animal testing or ingredients. Made with natural oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate), vegetable fiber, natural anti-corrosive agents, grapefruit seed and orange peel extracts (emulsify grease, help rinsing and prevent odor build-up), soda ash, sodium citrate and readily biodegradable nonionic surfactants. Safe for all dishes, glassware, pots, pans and utensils that are designated by the manufacturer as dishwasher safe. Use one tablespoon per load. Made in the USA.

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Seventh Generation Baby Wipes Refills, Chlorine Free and Unscented

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes are made with your baby, and your environment, in mind. Unlike conventional baby wipes, Seventh Generation Wipes are not bleached with chlorine, and don’t contain alcohol, fragrance, or synthetic ingredients that may irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

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