4 Rug-Saving Cleaning Tips

baby-rug The right rug can completely transform a home’s interior, bringing warmth and character in a way that no piece of furniture can. Rugs give you a rare opportunity to introduce vibrant colors and crazy designs into a room without requiring the upheaval of more simple color schemes and furniture. Unlike carpets, rugs are mobile, making them easier to clean and extremely versatile in terms of decorating. If you put the wrong set of carpet in your house, you are royally screwed. You are forced to choose between completely redecorating, tearing up the carpet and starting over, or living with gag-inducing interior design. With rugs, should you find that the colors don’t match or the angle is wrong or this, that, and the other… you simply pick the rug and everything is fine!

Obviously rugs are great to own. And they can be bought as gorgeous souvenirs from many different places. So often, travelers come back from exotic locales with sentimental items that possess no function whatsoever. But with a rug, you have something beautiful and functional, a piece to anchor an entire room that serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful times you had abroad. Something so special must be well taken care of.

Many rug owners, unfortunately, make the mistake of treating their rug like normal carpet. Every rug is unique and requires unique treatment when it comes to cleaning. Most rugs, however, will benefit from these simple rug cleaning tips.



1) Vacuum the bottom of the rug

rug-bottomThis step is often neglected. The underside of a rug can carry a tremendous amount of dirt and dust. A beater vacuum head or rotating brush piece is recommended over simple suction vacuum pieces, as the underside of a rug tends to be made of a more difficult-to-clean material. Obviously, this won’t be possible for larger sized rugs, but if you own a smaller more manageable rug size, then this tip will help. For larger rug sizes, we suggest calling in the rug cleaning pros.


2) Avoid vacuuming fringes and tassels

rug-tasselsThis is extremely important. Worn tassels and frayed fringes can emasculate the look of an otherwise perfect rug. There is no need to vacuum these parts of your rug, and using a vacuum on them will actually do much more harm than good.

All you need to clean the fringes and tassels is to simply go over them with a duster or fluff them by hand.



3) Avoid carpet shampoos

rug-cleanersAgain, your rug is not the same as your carpet. DO NOT treat them the same way! Many carpet cleaning shampoos and sprays that work brilliantly for synthetic carpet threads will cause the colors in your rug to bleed all over each other or fade. Pay strict attention to cleaning labels and do your research before testing any sort of product on your beautiful rug. It is advised to test a small portion of the rug to check the color bleeding. Or better yet, let a professional rug cleaner in your area take care of the deep cleaning for you.


4) Clean your rug immediately after spots and spills

rug-spot-cleaningThis should be a no-brainer, and it is the same as any tip you’ll find for carpet cleaning. Cleaning up stains, spots, and spills should be the priority as soon as they happen. Unless your child is drowning in the adjacent bathroom, nothing should distract you from getting that spill cleaned up if you want your lightly colored rug to survive the night. Just make sure you’re cleaning up minor spills in the safest way possible for your rug type. Always test the carpet spot cleaner on a small insignificant portion of rug for color bleeding before applying it to the actual spot. And again… when in doubt, call a professional!


There you have it. If you don’t have a rug, buy one. And if you do, keep it looking spiffy with these handy rug cleaner tips.