How to replace Electrolux Belt

How to replace Electrolux Belt

I normally find that my friends are not able to use their vacuum cleaners whenever the belt in the vacuum cleaners has to be replaced. They actually wait for the technician to replace it before they use it for cleaning their homes. Sadly at times their wait is a very long one, as technicians have to attend to a large number of calls per day. At times these technicians are not very professional in attending to a particular call because of their careless nature. Are you one of those who simply hate doing any kind of mechanical work? Or are you one of those who have never done any kind of mechanical work at your home? Well the next time you need to replace the belt in your Electrolux (Upright) vacuum cleaner, don’t depend on anyone else or wait till the technician drops by at your place. You too can do this task provided you follow all the instructions given below properly:

You can start the process by unplugging the Electrolux (Upright) vacuum cleaner that is lying at your place. Remember you need to be careful while replacing the belt as any sort of carelessness on your side will cost you, if you break anything.

Place the vacuum cleaner in such a way so that you can easily access the bottom plate. Take out the screws and keep them aside. You can then turn over the vacuum cleaner and place it across flat.

You then need to keep a big screwdriver between the cover and the wheel. This needs to be followed for both the wheels. Use the big screwdriver to pry off the top in a careful manner. Do it in such a way so that it gets released from the bottom housing.

You then need to take out screws that are present at the end of the roller. These screws are used to keep the roller fixed on the vacuum cleaner. Once these screws have been removed, you can easily set the roller free. You can push away the belt pulley so that any kind of rubbish that has accumulated in the roller can be removed. The roller should be able to spin easily after the rubbish has been removed.

You can then take a look at the hose and remove any rubbish stuck in it. Then get a new vacuum belt installed – this can be done by first keeping it on the motor shaft. Then lay the vacuum belt above the roller and fix the roller once again. You will then have to put back the screws so that the roller is properly fixed.

Now that you have set everything properly, you can confirm if everything is alright with the vacuum cleaner by spinning it. You can then reassemble the vacuum cleaner.

There – wasn’t the whole process very simple – now that everything is so clear, don’t wait for anyone to replace the belt in your Electrolux vacuum cleaner the next time you want to get it changed. Not only will you save some valuable time and money, but you will also enjoy yourself while doing such a kind of work.