5 Myths Busted About Green Cleaning

30sznyv Home cleaning using Green Cleaning methods has been used widely here in the US. This method has not thrived without rumors and myths surrounding its use and efficacy. Some of the myths rely majorly on what the products used to be when they were first introduced into the market before they were fully refined.

A number of the myths that were widely spread have since been busted confirming that Green Cleaning actually works.




What are some of the myths about green cleaning?

  1. Green cleaning detergents are ineffective
    Fact: There has been a common myth that the green cleaning products do not work and cannot work when it comes to carry out home cleaning. This myth has been really spread by many people and it has reached by and wide. The fact of the matter is that the Green products are indeed effective and cleans the same way as their conventional counterparts, if not better.
  2. The Government protects us by testing all chemical products in the market
    Fact: In our American society, if this could have been true, then several products would not be in the market as I write. This myth was basically spread by people who did not want to change from the regular products and therefore opting to defend them as healthy products. Unfortunately, there are so many chemical products that have not been tested and that contain chemicals that are harmful to humans.
  3. Green cleaning products are more expensive than the regular products
    Fact: There has been a myth going round that Green products are more expensive than the regular cleaning products. The fact is that the green products are not really true but are within the price range of the other regular products. Some green cleaning products could be expensive, but that is also true with their regular counterparts that also have some specific products that are also expensive.
  4. Green cleaning is mere fashion created by the media and proponents
    Fact: A number of people believed that the Green products are just but a trend that would not stand the test of time. When the products got into the market some years back, they came with great publicity, including media coverage and other advertising aids. This myth was dismissed though, since the products have stayed long enough and are only growing in popularity.
  5. Green cleaning is only about the actual cleaning detergents
    Fact: This is one of the myths that took the center stage for the perfectionists who look at products, instructions for use, and some of the materials needed for a good use. This group of people argued that Green cleaning products had neither information nor instructions of use. The fact of the matter is that the green products actually have methods and procedures of use with clear instructions as well. The myth does not hold water anymore.

The Green Cleaning initiative has stayed around long enough to dispel all the myths that have been associated with them. It has therefore been proven that the green products are actually effective and are good for Home Cleaning.