Gifting a loved one with something they would cherish is a thing we all love to do. Although the market is flooded with choicest of gifts, any giver would want his gift to be the most unique. In today’s times, where the most exorbitant of gifts seem befitting, it will be a wise and conscious decision to invest one’s time and money in more meaningful and environmentally safer options.

Depending upon your proximity, a bouquet large or small is a very ‘green’ and touching gift. Despite the bouquet having a short shelf life, flowers do usher in cheer, whether they are gifted for anniversaries or to convalescing patients.


Another idea will be to tend to rare herbs or flowering shrubs in your garden and gift a few to someone close, along with instructions how they need to be looked after. Seeds of flowers, herbs are also simple options. An aunt who has a green thumb maintains a beautiful garden, presented me with the best gift I have received in this lifetime- a few hanging pots, moss, packets of seeds, potted rose shrubs, a few potted herbs, garden tools and organic manure, not to mention a gardening book for beginners. And today, I’m a proud owner of a pretty garden!

During Christmas, a lovely Christmas tree along with decorations will be welcome in any household.

A woman once discouraged a beggar without giving him money, but a few flower saplings, and taught him to plant those, sell the produce and earn money. Instead of giving him fish, she taught him to fish!

A letter pad made of recycled paper, along with recycled paper envelopes, make ideal gifts to teenage girls. Greeting cards made of recycled paper may be a bit costlier, but is environmentally better too.  Books made of recycled paper are wonderful options too.

Children using pencils can be given pencils that are made out of recycling wood. Color pencils, and lead pencils will excite small children and they will naturally make a decision to buy only those brands.

When gifting clothes, again pure cotton or woolen or handloom garments, or textile painted in fabric colors will be unique.

Older relatives will love handmade jams, jellies and squashes made from fruits hand picked from your garden. Ripe, juicy fresh, fruits will always be appreciated.


When you visit Asian and African countries, you will be mesmerized by the bewitching natural items on display. Indian shawls, lacquered bangles, embroidered pouches, table mats, decorative wall hangings, stained glass paintings or table lamps made of stained glass, handloom stoles with designs made from block prints having distinct motifs, metal handicrafts like lamps, brass plates, metal or earthen statues etc make elegant gifts. All of the above come in sizes to suit any budget.


Curios made of stones make rare gifts too. The much famed marble masterpiece of the Taj Mahal is brought alive in miniature marble monuments and any visitor to India would love to own this miniature marvel to remind them of the romantic time they spent in India.  China porcelain, blue pottery of Rajasthan etc also make beautiful gifts to contain your delicate plants.


Cane furniture or curios made of cane will be cherished by one and all.  Another unique and tasteful gift, especially found in hilly regions, is flowers and foliage preserved and pressed in dainty patterns. You can collect foliage of different shapes and sizes-slender, long, rounded, heart shaped, along with wild flowers, press them to form a different pattern, frame and gift it. You may have to use preservatives, but organic preservatives may be used too.


Appropriate office stationery, that includes papers, diary, letter pads, envelopes, etc made from recycled paper, along with wooden pen holders, cane trash bins to toss in papers, files and even gift wrappers made form recycled papers etc are novel corporate gifts too.

Most shops wrap their goods in plastic carry bags. Better options would be to use eco friendly carry bags made from recycled paper.


One always wonders what to gift to a woman who starts life new.  An ideal gift would be to collect a few chosen relished recipes, pasted in a scarp book, and along with handy hints to remove stains from fabrics, and some home made beauty concoctions. Also include some handy tips to enliven the marriage bonds during trying times. The recipient is sure to use this gift more often, and add her own ideas and experiences to it.


Scented candles, in delicate perfumes, Aromatherapy natural oils of Rosemary, Sandal, Lavender, Chamomile, Juniper and Eucalyptus will be cherished and every time the user uses these, they will be reminded of you. Herbal soaps are non-allergic with their woody perfume. Sandalwood products, incense sticks, soaps, perfumes, sandal dust, pens made out of sandalwood, sandal oil, face packs, sachets which contain fragrances that can be placed inside the wardrobes etc. are sandal wood products liked by everyone. Gifting women with a complete array of the above articles make delightful gifts.

Empty jars may be placed in wardrobes for their lingering perfume. Even if the jars are tossed into the trash bin, some day when the familiar scent wafts by, the user would reminisce about the ‘times’ she used the product, the memories of which may just waft by!


Oriental rugs will be treasured by the owner and will make ideal gifts for weddings and house warming ceremonies.


Hand-knitted sweaters, booties and bonnets will be ideal for new born babies. Many grandmothers who are adept at knitting, embroidery and appliqué work have busied themselves as soon as they’ve learnt about the impending arrival. Not only your children, but also your grandchildren will treasure these as they cherish these.


An ultimate gift for a family member would be to collect rare photographs of vacations; anniversaries etc and make an album along with titles of the time and place. You can paste rare family photographs in a huge frame and this can be hung on the wall.

Hanging a family tree on the wall or given as a gift to a near and dear one will be unique! Sal wood twigs can be used to make frames which encase relatives-grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, nieces, nephews and children along with their spouses. This wall in the house will never go unnoticed, as guests will throng to take a curious peep. That eccentric aunt and grumpy uncle of yours will be happy too, that their picture has found its way into your collection. There, you’ve made someone experience a sense of belongingness!


For the beauty conscious, face packs, herbal lipsticks, creams, exfoliating scrubs, seaweed for a spa experience, bath salts, manicure and pedicure creams that are made from purely herbal substances, etc can make thoughtful gifts.

Of all kinds of promising hair oil displayed in the market, I still prefer my mother’s home made hair oil, where she adds rose petals, Aloe Vera gel, hibiscus flowers, herbs etc in coconut or castor oil.


People living in tropical areas can select fresh spices from their garden, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, etc, to relatives or friends living far off. Those living in the Middle-east can opt for cashews, avocados, almonds, raisins and other dry fruits. After all nature never goes out of style.