How to avoid Swine Flu

How to avoid Swine Flu

Swine Flu has managed to create a major havoc in all the major cities and countries of the world. No other illness has been able to scare so many people in recent times. In spite of this, hardly anyone seems to know anything that is needed to tackle it in an effective manner. A large number of children too have been infected by Swine Flu. If you are a parent yourself and worried about what you can do to protect your young ones from Swine Flu – you can gain a lot from the info given below. Even if you don’t have kids, the following tips will easily help you to avoid Swine Flu and also guide your family members and close friends in avoiding it.

Wash your hands – although we all like to wash our hands on a regular basis, we forget to do that at times because of our hectic and stressful schedules. But this is a must to avoid getting Swine Flu or any other similar illness. Don’t forget to apply soap and wash the area beyond your wrists while washing your hands – take some time while doing this. You should use paper towels so that you can use them to turn off the tap as well as use them for drying your hands. This is handy as you will not touch any place where there might be some germs – these are the same kind of germs that were also present on your hands before washing them.

Follow etiquette and cover your mouth and nose – whenever you sneeze, you are releasing small globules of liquid. And very often these globules will contain the virus that is responsible for spreading illnesses among human beings. So don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. You can use a tissue that should be discarded after you have used it. In case you use a handkerchief, put it for washing in the washing machine.

Take rest at home when not keeping well – try to take rest at home so that you can totally recover from an illness. Doing this will help you to get stronger and give you a chance to have lots of fluids in your body. But even if after this rest, there is no improvement in your condition then you definitely need to take the help of your personal medical care provider.

Don’t meet in crowded places – although you might like to socialize with other people, avoid meeting friends in crowded public places as viruses are totally active in such places.

Don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes as much as possible – this tip is very important as germs can easily get into your system when you touch such parts of your body due to the presence of moisture.

Follow a healthy lifestyle – finally try to maintain a proper schedule in your daily life. Sleep well, try to avoid stress and have a proper diet.

All the above tips will help you in avoiding Swine Flu as well as unwanted stress caused due to the fear of contracting Swine Flu.