What can you do?

This year has already proven to be one for the history books. Now at the halfway point, I wanted to touch upon a few things that have happened and what we have learned from them. As I have experienced my own setbacks as of late, I have had time to reflect on what we think we know and what we really know.

So far, Swine Flu has made a mark upon Mexico and the world as it created panic in its wake. Killing hundreds of people, we all felt the fear of what could be in the face of a potentially fatal illness.

We also learned that common sense can help conquer fear. By listening to age old advice handed down from countless generations of mothers around the world, Swine flu became a thing of the past and is now on a downward slide. No longer are we seeing it as a deadly adversary but rather as a formidable foe who can be beaten at his own game.

Banks and major businesses have fallen and our economy has declined as jobs have been lost. The very companies we counted on let us down as we realized together that not everything is as stable as it seems. It left us clamoring to build back that which had fallen in an effort to preserve our idea of our own society.

We learned, though, that we are bigger than the banks and car dealerships we watched disintegrate. We discovered that living closer to the earth filled the void of what had been and replaced it with something more beautiful than what we had. Our self image soared, even though our pocketbooks dwindled. We learned to trust in each other and in ourselves to overcome the bumps in the road.

Most importantly, though, this year has taught about change and the ability to live a better life than what was thought possible. While I can’t speak for all, I can for me.

After having to change my lifestyle, I have discovered how easy it is to live green. I had always avoided this as I thought it time consuming, expensive, and difficult. I envisioned hours of working diligently and gaining only small steps in both health and in changing the environment. I cringed at the thought of having to work so hard when there was obviously so little to gain.

However, that changed in March when I discovered what not living green had really cost me. I got a crash course in how the environment bites back when its too polluted. Breathing difficulties compound, disease spreads, and allergies abound.

At first, I found recycling a little confusing. However, I got the hang of it in a couple of weeks. I realized how easy it was to find even when traveling as most parks, cities, and businesses now observe nature’s request to respect her.

I discovered just how much better it is for all of us when smoking is eliminated from public places and the reasons behind the ordinances. I began to get it when I started using an air purifier in my home. My breathing improved dramatically-at least until I had to venture outside.

Writing this blog, I discovered the virtues of hepa filters and what they can do to further increase health in the population. It still amazes me that we can get such tiny irritants out of our homes and make such a difference in our daily lives.

As I am researching for materials on how we process water, agricultural changes in the way we process our food and even in advances in skin care due to ultraviolet rays, I am growing more confident that we haven’t waited too long. There is still time to save the environment and ourselves, but we have to begin now. Too much damage has already come at the hand of man.

According to National Geographic, no other species either before or since the appearance of humans has left such a trail of destruction across the face of the earth. Perhaps we should take heed from the species of the past and the ones that share our planet now before we’ve nothing left to save.

There are all sorts of ideas out there. Some of tips I have written about here. Some you have shared with me. Others are still waiting to be shared. In the meantime, perhaps we can help each other in our own perspective communities.

One person can change the world because it only takes one to set the example for the masses. Be that one person in your community today. Your age doesn’t matter. Your intentions do.

IQAir HealthPro Plus Delivers as Promised

If you’re looking for an air purifier that truly delivers all it promises, then the IQAir HealthPro Plus is just what the doctor ordered. While its size and basic construction reminds one of a pre-80s CPU, the housing is still attractive enough to fit into modern decor while cleaning the air you breath.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus has received top recommendations from Consumer Digest, Discovery Health, Allergy Buyer’s Club, and Consumer Search. IQAir, a Swiss based company, is also an official partner of the American Lung Association. In addition, IQAir purification systems are often the choice of builders on the popular television show “Extreme Make-Over Home Edition”.

The unit is fully usable straight out of the box, which eliminates the possibility of poor performance due to incorrect installation. The only part of the HealthPro Plus that does require the consumer to attach to it are the four snap-on caster wheels, an optional feature for those who may feel like moving the unit from room to room.

The sound of the HealthPro Plus depends upon the setting the consumer wishes to run. At higher settings, the sound will be louder. However, most people use purification systems at a moderate setting of 3-4. In comparison to other purifiers, the HealthPro Plus is quieter than most HEPA purifiers. This is because the circulation motor is not housed just below the surface. Instead, it has been engineered so that the motor is sandwiched between the filter elements. It is also engineered to creat full-spectrum sound. Full-spectrum sound falls away in short time as the waves do not travel far. It’s similar to what happens in sports arenas or concerts where only a din is noticed.

It is also important to note that any air purification system requires good air flow. So, when deciding what setting to use, it is advisable to set the purifier to the highest setting tolerable. Keep in mind that the initial drone of the purifier may seem loud but will fade away as background noise in short time. In fact, after a couple hours of having the HealthPro Plus running, you may find that it is extremely easy to fall asleep with it right next to you.

Another factor in sound is the surface which the purifier is setting on. Hardwood and other more solid surfaces will be louder than a carpeted area. The carpet helps absorb the sound and soften it. This is something to consider when deciding where the purifier will sit on a continuous basis based on the amount of noise you wish to have taking into account your personal preferrences for settings.

In terms of cleaning air, the HealthPro Plus out performs all other air purification systems of similar build and capacity. In fact, in tests ran by consumers in real world situations, HealthPro Plus made dramatic improvements to the air quality. Allergies all but disappeared in under twenty four hours of plugging the unit in. It was noticed that the allergies returned upon leaving the home and entering the outside environment.

The delivery of the health benefits far outweigh the initial cost of the unit as consumers will save that much and more with the absence of allergy medications, tissues,and over the counter relief of the problems allergens and irritants cause. And, because the filters only require changing every six to nine months to continue the benefits, the upkeep of the HealthPro Plus isn’t hard on the pocketbook either.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, the HealthPro Plus can make your life easier with cleaner air that is less irritating to breathe. At least at home, you may experience the absence of your symptoms if they are caused by the amount of irritants or pollution in the air that surrounds you. You can purchase your IQAir HealthPro Plus from EZVacuum.

IQAIR Joins EZVacuum for Spring Cleaning

iqair healthpro plus

IQAir Purifiers

When thinking of spring cleaning this year, don’t foget about the air you breath. EZVacuum is proud to add IQAir Air Purifiers to their line of superior home cleaning systems from some of the best names in the business. The purifiers step up the quality of cleaning possible when coupled with the wide range of quality products already available for your home.

IQAir is no newcomer to home air purification and have, in fact, been featured as the purifier of choice for the very popular show “Extreme Make-Over Home Edition”. Usually, the model chosen for this type of exposure is the Perfect 16, a whole house air purification system that delivers the most pure air possible for your breathing pleasure. In cases where allergies are high and the person with the allergies spends time throughout all rooms, the Perfect 16 is the perfect solution.

IQAir hasn’t overlooked the preferrence of some consumers to have only one or two rooms covered. The smaller room purifiers can handle rooms up to 1000 square feet, giving it enormous reach for a small package. Usually, these types of air purifiers are best placed in a room where the largest majority of the family spends the most time. Another great place to install these plug in air purifiers is the bedroom.

Featuring hyperHEPA Technology, IQAir Air Purifiers can filter particles as small as 0.003 microns, which is pretty minute. The filtration on these babies guarantees to be 99.5% effective, tackling viruses with ease. The average virus is ten times larger than the particles the air filtration system is able to remove from the air you breathe, which is much more effective than the average air purifiers.

Each IQAir purifiers are tested individually so no “lemons” escape the factory. In addition, they are shipped with a hand signed certification of having met the strict requirements set forth by the company which are much higher than standard government regulations. IQAir is determined to make your air as clean as if air had no pollutants.

Don’t worry about losing sleep over a noisy appliance when purchasing an IQAir, either. The design features a center based fan motor housed in double walls. The suspension pads are constructed of rubber, which also mutes sound sufficiently. The end result of such a well thought out design is an ultra quiet air purifier that doesn’t keep you awake even if placed directly next to your bed. The design is also attractive, making it easy to blend into your home decor preferences without clashing.

IQAir Purifiers don’t only remove the normal pollutants that all air purifiers attempt to eliminate, but also molecular air pollutants. Molecular air pollutants are those commonly known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Gaseous chemicals and many unpleasant odors also have a molecular configuration. IQAir Purifiers can handle it all.

So if you’re wanting to breathe easier and spring clean the way it was intended, then you’re in luck. The Swiss based company IQAir has all you need and their products are now available at EZVacuum for your convenience.