Quality Versus Quantity

Searching around for ideas to write about as I flipped through the television channels, I kept coming back to the same thing: the cleaning advertisements. For some reason, the commercials touting the virtues of how to keep a home clean seemed to parody short comedy clips in an effort to sway the viewer to purchase their brand.

Along with this thought, my mind toyed with the product list at EZVacuum. When it did, I realized that many of the products are not those portrayed on the commercials. And I knew why: the quality of the products available from vacuums to cleaning solutions are too high.

Yes, I said it-most commercials push products that are not needed and that do not work as advertised. Even some of the advertised green cleaners are not as environmentally friendly as they claim to be from the more common supermarket brands.

However, they do have a pull. Since we’ve been raised with the idea that cleanliness is next to godliness, we will rush right out and purchase a product that promises to deliver us from the evil which opposes clean. Most of the time, though, we only end up with heavily perfumed water that doesn’t do much but overload the olfactory senses.

If quality and true cleaning are important to you, then it is worth the investment into products such as Allersearch, which is held to strict standards to deliver exactly what is promised and IQAir whose products are of a medical grade. Instead of choosing a vacuum that will only last a few months, invest in a true HEPA filtervacuum such as a Miele Series 7.

If you’re worried about the initial outlay of cash, then weigh that against the advantages of less costs for maintenance over a period of several years rather than a few months. You can also purchase items for maintenance that use recycled materials, resulting in less cost. Most of the higher quality products also use less quantities to do the same job as their lower quality counterparts, which result in lower cost as well.

Basically, the initial outlay for quality over quantity may seem high, but the rate of replenishment and the effectiveness of the products will show a reduced bill in cleaning supplies and equipment in the long run. Cheap isn’t always the best route to go and often ends up costing more than paying for the quality to begin with.

You can find all your cleaning needs at EZVacuum, where quality is a priority and cleaning fits into any budget.

Cleaning with Pets

Most households have a member of the family that looks a little different. Some of these members have more legs than normal, a few have wings, and most have a true hair and feather growing anomoly. And, like all those who have differences, these members of our families require a little bit of special TLC.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to the dogs, cats, birds, spiders, snakes, and other animal members of the group we call pets. Each one needs special care in order to remain healthy and happy in our homes. Even the way we clean affects our little critters.

Pets cause some odors and many have a few accidents throughout the course of their lives. While the odors and accidents may not be a pleasant gift to us, how we clean them can make a difference to our pets. Some animals are sensitive to the cleaners we use to expunge ourselves from their natural perfumes. In fact, more than a few of our animal kingdom friends have met with an untimely exit because of the chemicals they were exposed to in the name of cleaning.

If there is any doubt as to the attraction of chemicals to pets, one only has to think of the canine variety of pets special love of antifreeze. The reason our chemicals cause this type of reaction in animals is the smell of the product. Most cleaners have a sweet or flowery smell that mimics the things in nature that each breed is attracted to naturally. What’s worse is the actual flavor of these chemicals may also mimic nature. This can be seen in children and pets who ingest paint chips containing led. The led lends a sweetness to the paint that is rather appetizing but deadly.

Cirrus makes a lovely ensemble for the dogs and cats in your life that guarantee clean and don’t require the animals to wear protective equipment to survive. The vacuum set features HEPA filtration for the cleanest air and carpets with a pet odor eliminating carbon motor filter to boot. It’s an excellent method of cleaning up after your pet without endangering you or your pet.

Allersearch has some wonderful cleaning products for pets that not only address the hygeine of your pet, but also benefit you as the result is a cleaner home with little effort. The Allersearch Pet+ eliminates excessive pet dander which means less of that dander in your carpets, furniture, and air.

Hoover has those pesky little accidents covered with a wonderful product that will eliminate the smell by helping to eliminate the bacteria that causes the lingering odor long after the accident is a memory. Second Nature Pet Soil and Odor Eliminator delivers the clean you want without banishing the poor animal who created it.

You can get all your pet cleaning supplies at EZVacuum, where pets are people, too.

Spring Cleaning-A Memory Revisited

Spring Cleaning Spring cleaning is on the minds of everyone at the moment. With spring on the horizon, winter’s hold on spirits is lessening. With the teasing warmth of the weather beckoning between winter’s lasts breaths, it isn’t a wonder that we are all a little restless.

The restlessness we feel, though, is what my granny used to call Spring’s demand to clean. We would go through everything from the attic to the basement, reorganizing, remembering, and cleaning. In fact, it is the only time of the year that cleaning was almost a holiday. When anyone would mention this to Granny, she laughed in a knowing way and told us about the birth of a new season.

Listening to her stories, we scrubbed floors, vacuumed rugs, and washed pantries. Trunks were examined, old clothes played with and then refolded, and old letter read. Some things, of course, didn’t return to their previous homes since the idea of spring cleaning required some recycling. Most of the old cards became our craft supplies. Many an old dress got a fresh look with a few stitches and wardrobes grew.

Spring cleaning was a time to reunite the family, make everyone a part of one unit for a few weeks every year regardless of busy schedules. The prize of the whole ordeal was working the garage sale and getting enough to chase the ice cream truck down the street in late spring and summer.

My fond memories of the hustle and bustle of spring cleaning are the reason it surprised me when my daughter’s friends drew back in fear at its mentioning the other day. However, current times make spring cleaning so much easier and even more enjoyable than back in my childhood. Granny didn’t have the luxury of a mop with environmentally safe cleaning solutions built in. She didn’t own a vacuum and had never used a duster with magnetic attraction. We filled pots and pans with hot, soapy water and scrubbed everything on our hands and knees. Floors only got a good sweep with an old broom before we were on all fours cleaning.

No one worried about the environment back then. We had no clue that the chemicals we were using to clean up with were dangerous. I didn’t even realize that the adding a touch of bleach to the water filled with soap with ammonia in it could be toxic. Granny never thought of it as she still used lye soap she made herself. The things we used were sometimes harsh, but they had been used for generations and Granny loved her traditions.

Then came the reports in my teen years about the environment. I learned about global warming and how pollutants increased the rate at which the planet heated up. I discovered the dangers of mixing the chemicals Granny used to clean and I realized that much of what we poured carelessly outside on the lawn or in the old pond down yonder were destroying the inhabitants of nature.

At first, lemon was touted as nature’s answer to cleaning woes. But, there were problems from the start. Lemon juice is an acid and was murder upon hardwood. Many a hardwood floor lost its shine over that little mistake.

Then, companies got involved. With massive research into what is good for both cleaning and our environment, advances were made. Soon it was discovered that even our allergies were able to be controlled by a little bit of cleaning. Allersearch made advances in this area as no dust mite will dare stay where the ecologically friendly cleaners have been used. From laundry to the very air we breath, dust mites no longer had an interest in staking a claim and making a home.

Smells no longer lingered in our kitchens, clothes or upholstery once research got into the picture. Fresh Wave, a completely natural and safe product line, effectively eliminate those unwanted smells with ease. From candles to sprays, there really is a choice for everyone.

Add that to vacuums such as the Miele S7 Series Vacuums, and spring cleaning takes on a magical and pleasant feeling once again. You can get everything you need to clean safely and thoroughly this spring at EZVacuum, your one stop cleaning shop for some of the best offerings in cleaning supplies and appliances. Make some Spring Cleaning memories of your very own with your family this Spring

The methods to cleaning may have changed, but the wonderful memories of cleaning with Granny are the same. I simply fill my granny’s shoes and my daughter gets the fun of playing with everything in the name of cleaning. Laughter fills the air as the wonderful sounds of modern cleaning are done in tandem with nature in a way my grandmother could never know. The ease of use of the products now available and the appliances that assist us every day of the year with cleaning needs were not part of Granny’s repertoire, but the shared family time was.

Spring Cleaning doesn’t mean work…it means love.