HEPA Filters Explained

Everyone hears about the benefits of having a HEPA filter for their vacuum, but not everyone knows what a HEPA filter does or even what it is. While we all want to do what’s best for our families and ourselves in terms of health, many will not invest in something that they don’t understand. And, yes, a HEPA filter is an investment. Using one can greatly reduce the number of allergens in your air simply by removing more particles and smaller particles than can be picked up by a vacuum not equipped with HEPA filters.

First, let’s discover what HEPA is. HEPA is an acronym standing for “high efficiency particulate air”. That’s a mouthful and the reason the filter became known as a much smaller word. For the sake of simplicity, as I enjoy the simple things, a HEPA filter is a filter capable of trapping and eliminating much smaller particles from the air in your home that other vacuum cleaner filters would simply redistribute throughout the air. These particles are invisible to the naked eye and can’t be seen without the aid of a microscope. Therefore, those who don’t use a HEPA filter can’t be told on by the “look” of these particles in their home. It is only in air quality that the HEPA filter can be compared. Less particles in the air equate to less possible irritants for allergy sufferers.

Now, not all filters touted to be HEPA filters are truly HEPA filters. To be sure of the type of filter you are purchasing, there are a few things you need to know to look for when purchasing. True HEPA filters are tested and must meet strict guidelines to be called HEPA at all. HEPA filters must trap at least 99.97% of particles in the air measuring .3 microns or larger. The size of a micron can’t be seen without help, so this is done scientifically.

When HEPA filters pass the test, they are assigned a serial number. In addition, the test results are printed directly onto the filter to assist the consumer in making a decision. The cost of this performance is higher than what is termed “HEPA type filters”. Only true or absolute HEPA filters are given serial numbers and test results.

HEPA type filters are similar to true HEPA filters, but there are some major differences. While their cost is lower, they only have to capture 85% of particles. In addition, the size of the particles captured only has to be 1 micron, which is much larger than what a true HEPA filter must capture.

Basically, the real decision comes down to the consumer. If you are an allergy sufferer or just want the cleanest air possible, then a true HEPA filter may be what is best. If your pocketbook is a little on the light side, then a HEPA type filter may suit your needs best. But, before you purchase, make sure to double check the test results and ensure you are purchasing the right type of filters. All true HEPA filters must meet the .3 micron particles at 99.97%. If it doesn’t then what you are purchasing is a HEPA type filter.

HEPA type filters are still better than the conventional bag, but be aware of what you are getting for your money before you spend. Making clear and informed decisions will always yield a higher rate of satisfaction and that is what every consumer is after with every purchase.

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IQAIR Joins EZVacuum for Spring Cleaning

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IQAir Purifiers

When thinking of spring cleaning this year, don’t foget about the air you breath. EZVacuum is proud to add IQAir Air Purifiers to their line of superior home cleaning systems from some of the best names in the business. The purifiers step up the quality of cleaning possible when coupled with the wide range of quality products already available for your home.

IQAir is no newcomer to home air purification and have, in fact, been featured as the purifier of choice for the very popular show “Extreme Make-Over Home Edition”. Usually, the model chosen for this type of exposure is the Perfect 16, a whole house air purification system that delivers the most pure air possible for your breathing pleasure. In cases where allergies are high and the person with the allergies spends time throughout all rooms, the Perfect 16 is the perfect solution.

IQAir hasn’t overlooked the preferrence of some consumers to have only one or two rooms covered. The smaller room purifiers can handle rooms up to 1000 square feet, giving it enormous reach for a small package. Usually, these types of air purifiers are best placed in a room where the largest majority of the family spends the most time. Another great place to install these plug in air purifiers is the bedroom.

Featuring hyperHEPA Technology, IQAir Air Purifiers can filter particles as small as 0.003 microns, which is pretty minute. The filtration on these babies guarantees to be 99.5% effective, tackling viruses with ease. The average virus is ten times larger than the particles the air filtration system is able to remove from the air you breathe, which is much more effective than the average air purifiers.

Each IQAir purifiers are tested individually so no “lemons” escape the factory. In addition, they are shipped with a hand signed certification of having met the strict requirements set forth by the company which are much higher than standard government regulations. IQAir is determined to make your air as clean as if air had no pollutants.

Don’t worry about losing sleep over a noisy appliance when purchasing an IQAir, either. The design features a center based fan motor housed in double walls. The suspension pads are constructed of rubber, which also mutes sound sufficiently. The end result of such a well thought out design is an ultra quiet air purifier that doesn’t keep you awake even if placed directly next to your bed. The design is also attractive, making it easy to blend into your home decor preferences without clashing.

IQAir Purifiers don’t only remove the normal pollutants that all air purifiers attempt to eliminate, but also molecular air pollutants. Molecular air pollutants are those commonly known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Gaseous chemicals and many unpleasant odors also have a molecular configuration. IQAir Purifiers can handle it all.

So if you’re wanting to breathe easier and spring clean the way it was intended, then you’re in luck. The Swiss based company IQAir has all you need and their products are now available at EZVacuum for your convenience.