Green Living On Vacations

Green living doesn’t have to end just because of a vacation! In fact, saving the planet is infinitely easier while on vacation than at any other time. But, before you get to protesting that statement too much, let me explain:

Currently, I am on a trip for a week at Walt Disney World in Florida. I arrived Friday evening and will not be returning home until Saturday. My vacation, as are many, is both business and pleasure. As I have been working on trying to live a little greener myself, I was positive this little trip of mine would derail my efforts. However, it is this trip that has instead inspired me to vacation greenly.

One of the best keepsakes from a vacation is scrapbooks. These allow you to keep your memories for years and show off your own creative flair. There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook and there is not right or wrong thngs to include in your book. My book for example will be covered in the wrapping paper from my welcome gift from Disney. This saves that particular item from a doomed life in the city dump.

The tickets, receipts, stubs, and other such memorabilia will decorate pages made from cards I received from my friends in Florida. In addition, the photography taken by the photopass photographers will adorn the pages to captivate my Disney moments .

To save even more, I have decided to place those photographs that I took onto an album online and avoid printing any paper copies to further reduce trash. Even the small scraps can be used in this way to create a mosaic look and feel to the finished product.

I’ll post a link to my online scrapbook and to detailed instructions on how to create your very own green living scrapbook shortly after my return from my trip.

I have also turned my vacation into green living at its finest is to take the opportunity to sort trash through the help of many a trashcans in my rooms. Then, I leave housekeeping instructions not to take the trash bins and empty them for those containing aluminum cans. I use these cans to collect small seeds to plant. I decorate the cans with various Mickey confetti and set them on the balcony. I intend to leave them with a charity organization in Florida before my flight home so that the plants will one day help clean the air, keeping Florida beautiful.