Cleaning up the Air

After spending some time in the hospital for health problems related to breathing, I decided the first thing I should write about upon returning home this morning is dust and irritants in the air. For those of us living with COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, and Bronchitis, this is a major cause of distress. Yet, to date, the complete elimination of dust from the face of the earth is not possible.

That said, it is also important to remember that dust is not the only trigger for difficulties in breathing, It is simply one that can be easily controlled within our homes. It can’t be eliminated from all environments that might be encountered, but in our homes it is.

While I was sick, my family did the chore that created the problem: they dusted. I had always used the old cloth and can of furniture polish. My family, though, thought this was too much work. Instead, they used the Swiffer dusting system. From their results, I will be adopting this method.

The disposable dusters have an advantage over the old fashioned method in that less dust is plummeted through the air with every swipe. The heads for the duster already contain the optimal amount of polish and are treated to eliminate a larger amount of allergens. They are also safe to use on all surfaces, even computers. This is a big plus since I live my life on a keyboard.

The disadvantages of using Swiffer are, of course, the cost and the creation of additional trash for landfills, but the cost is outweighed when compared to medical bills due to the complications dust can create.

Swiffer is not the only system that uses replaceable dusting heads. Many companies now offer the same technology for the common household chore of dusting because we have become a society of convenience. No longer are feathers the preferred or even the most sanitary method of dusting quickly.

The feather duster, which is more modern than a cloth and polish, does little to control the dust in a home. In fact, these types of dusters tend to spread the dust. This is because they only remove the dust from the desired area and disperse it into the air, where it eventually settles on carpets and upholstery. Later, some of the dust left behind is vacuumed or swept up with a broom. If the vacuum does not use a hepa or hepa type filter, the remaining particles are scattered once again. With a broom, a larger amount of particles are scattered. This creates one large cycle of constant dust in the home.

The addition of an air filtration system to the home can help with the elimination of dust and other air pollutants. as well. In fact, after having researched the IQAir air purification system for the home during an earlier blog and taking into consideration my health care provider’s advice, I will be adding an IQAir purifier to my home to ensure better health.

My family will also benefit, although no other member of my family has breathing difficulties. I have learned that the lungs can be damaged easily. In addition, lung tissue cannot regenerate itself once damaged. The simple adjustments we are making as a family will help ensure that common pollutants in a home do not contribute to the damage of lung tissue in all members of the household. And, I believe that anything we can do to better the health of those we love is a worthwhile investment.

If you or your loved ones suffer from respiratory illnesses, whether chronic or acute, please spend some time investigating the options for cleaner air in your home. You can find a multitude of products available at very reasonable prices at EZ Vacuum.

What can you do?

This year has already proven to be one for the history books. Now at the halfway point, I wanted to touch upon a few things that have happened and what we have learned from them. As I have experienced my own setbacks as of late, I have had time to reflect on what we think we know and what we really know.

So far, Swine Flu has made a mark upon Mexico and the world as it created panic in its wake. Killing hundreds of people, we all felt the fear of what could be in the face of a potentially fatal illness.

We also learned that common sense can help conquer fear. By listening to age old advice handed down from countless generations of mothers around the world, Swine flu became a thing of the past and is now on a downward slide. No longer are we seeing it as a deadly adversary but rather as a formidable foe who can be beaten at his own game.

Banks and major businesses have fallen and our economy has declined as jobs have been lost. The very companies we counted on let us down as we realized together that not everything is as stable as it seems. It left us clamoring to build back that which had fallen in an effort to preserve our idea of our own society.

We learned, though, that we are bigger than the banks and car dealerships we watched disintegrate. We discovered that living closer to the earth filled the void of what had been and replaced it with something more beautiful than what we had. Our self image soared, even though our pocketbooks dwindled. We learned to trust in each other and in ourselves to overcome the bumps in the road.

Most importantly, though, this year has taught about change and the ability to live a better life than what was thought possible. While I can’t speak for all, I can for me.

After having to change my lifestyle, I have discovered how easy it is to live green. I had always avoided this as I thought it time consuming, expensive, and difficult. I envisioned hours of working diligently and gaining only small steps in both health and in changing the environment. I cringed at the thought of having to work so hard when there was obviously so little to gain.

However, that changed in March when I discovered what not living green had really cost me. I got a crash course in how the environment bites back when its too polluted. Breathing difficulties compound, disease spreads, and allergies abound.

At first, I found recycling a little confusing. However, I got the hang of it in a couple of weeks. I realized how easy it was to find even when traveling as most parks, cities, and businesses now observe nature’s request to respect her.

I discovered just how much better it is for all of us when smoking is eliminated from public places and the reasons behind the ordinances. I began to get it when I started using an air purifier in my home. My breathing improved dramatically-at least until I had to venture outside.

Writing this blog, I discovered the virtues of hepa filters and what they can do to further increase health in the population. It still amazes me that we can get such tiny irritants out of our homes and make such a difference in our daily lives.

As I am researching for materials on how we process water, agricultural changes in the way we process our food and even in advances in skin care due to ultraviolet rays, I am growing more confident that we haven’t waited too long. There is still time to save the environment and ourselves, but we have to begin now. Too much damage has already come at the hand of man.

According to National Geographic, no other species either before or since the appearance of humans has left such a trail of destruction across the face of the earth. Perhaps we should take heed from the species of the past and the ones that share our planet now before we’ve nothing left to save.

There are all sorts of ideas out there. Some of tips I have written about here. Some you have shared with me. Others are still waiting to be shared. In the meantime, perhaps we can help each other in our own perspective communities.

One person can change the world because it only takes one to set the example for the masses. Be that one person in your community today. Your age doesn’t matter. Your intentions do.