Spring Cleaning Tips

Just as we’ve been looking at the entire process of spring cleaning as a multi-layer event, the single layer that is the actual cleaning should be viewed much the same way. Basically, it’s best to start at the top and work your way down. This holds true with both the house as a whole — it’s best to start at the top floor and work down to the ground floor — as well as each individual room. Start with the ceiling and end with the floors.

Since dust is easily kicked up and spread from surface to surface, it’s a good idea to dust first. Here, any spring cleaner is presented with a route to take in cleaning the house. One may perform each task — for example, dusting — in each room of the house and then repeat the process with each subsequent task. Another method is to completely clean each room at a time. It’s a matter of preference; neither method is necessarily better than the other. Cleaning each room entirely before moving onto another can give a sense of accomplishment each time, but cleaning the house as if it were one giant room may make the cleaning go by more quickly.