Time Flies

Time is said to be the only thing we can’t regenerate. If we waste it, it won’t come back to us. If we spend it, we don’t get to enjoy except in memories. And, if we save it, it will not be there when we go back for it.

And yet, it is the one thing we all want.

There is some truth to the passing of time, though. Wasted time can cause a loss of profits in businesses. Wasted time can also create regrets in the fabric of individual lives. Personally, I believe the second is the worst of wasted time’s results. The missed opportunities can haunt like no other ghost in the span our lives. Each day brings these regrets closer until it is possible for them to consume us.

Time spent working is valuable, but only if it is balanced by time spent with family, friends, loved ones, and activities we enjoy. When the balance is tipped one way or another, the same feelings of loss and regret remain in our memories as when time is wasted.

Saving time makes no sense other than to those who believe they have the power to control each moment. There are no guarantees in life and we don’t know how long we will be allowed to grace the planet. Saving time to spend with the things that are really important-family, friends, our interest-does not mean there will be time left in later years. It does, however, create hurt feelings from those for whom you had no time and regrets for you.

Instead of chasing a dollar, chase your life. Work will be a part of that, but you cannot live if you do not explore who you are and spend time on it. Living in the shadows of pure responsibility without getting close enough to really feel the passions in life isn’t really living. It is surviving.

I hope everyone learns to live, to follow dreams, and to experience life in a balance that leaves little regret. It is following our passions and dreams that make us human and make work a more productive and enjoyable experience for all