Pray for Iran

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Americans complain daily about how hard life is. After following the stories about what is going on in Iran, I think we  have much to be thankful for in this country. Iran seems to be on the cusp of another revolution at the hands at the Basij. While I realize there are other forces at work such as the revolutionary army, it is the name Basij that sticks in my memory.

The movement being seen is bigger than the election. The violence has escalated to a point that people are dying for doing nothing more than peacefully protesting. CNN reported today children, teens, are disappearing, being arrested and killed for wanting something different, something that gives them more of a chance for the life they dream of each night. Parents are searching for those that don’t come home and are seldom if ever told the fate of their babies.

It is now in practice to arrest the protesters at the first hint of the protester seeking medical attention. The protesters aren’t the problem. They are being beaten, murdered in the street for the slightest infraction in dress and speech. It has become a crime punishable by death to voice an opinion against the government.

I’m watching the news as I write this and I am disheartened at the state of things in Iran. Hospital sources are reporting a death toll of at least 19 just today.

Before the election and even during the election, the people were hopeful, wanting change and a sense of freedom. They were open about who they wanted to vote for and spoke of it often. That came before the actual election was finished. This is according to the CNN newscast and an interview with a reporter who had been there at that time.

The women, who are not usually the leaders of any movement, led the charge for freedom. The men showed more fear than the women because they only asked for the basic human rights we enjoy every single day. They desire to be equal, to do things everyone else can do, and not have it be against the law for reasons based on gender.

Everyone thought Mir Hossein would win. The upset tilted the scales as the shock occurred. In a very simple election lost, the hope of human rights seem to have been lost. Now the protests are a result of wanting what every human should have and being determined enough to make their voices heard.

I realize I have only touched on the crisis in Iran, and I don’t even understand all of it. I live in a country where what those people are dying for, I have. I can’t imagine it being any other way.

I think today, at least and if only for today, we need to step back and be thankful for what we have, the freedoms granted to us, the simple pleasure in having a voice whether or not that voice agrees with the government.  And, we need to pray for those who continue to suffer at the hand of oppression.

Think of Neda, a young woman killed in the streets for wanting freedom and now being used for an example to the public faction there as what happens to protesters. Think of how you would feel if she had been your daughter, your sister.

Then, look again at that complaint you have because the clerk got your order wrong, your boss criticized your work, or your spouse didn’t clean up his own mess. These are trivial matters compared to what is happening in the world today in so many places. Let Iran and the crisis put life back into perspective and remind you of all you have to be thankful for today.

I sincerely hope the regime is stopped before too much loss of life is seen. Already there has been too much, but perhaps it can be ended in the best interest of the people who call Iran home.

Pray for them today. They can use all the prayer you can send.

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