Preserving Your Budget

The economy took a dive in recent months and millions felt the result as jobs were lost and incomes decreased dramatically. Then, we had a presidential election and Obama took office. He immediately pushed through a recovery plan spanning more than 1,000 pages in length.

Since then, we’ve seen the big 3 car dealers struggle to stay in business with the help of thousands of dollars in bail-out money, the banks struggle to regain balances in finance and a slow recovery of the stock markets. All of this leaves us in a place where we are still seeing a recessive trend, but the degree of that trend is beginning to take an upward movement.

So, what does that mean for the rest of us? The general population?

Not much, in the reality of things. Jobs are still hard to come by, prices are still rising, and the cost of living is still more than some people can afford. While it won’t last forever as most things do come to an end, it does make it difficult for the average family to continue supporting themselves in the manner they’ve become accustomed.

A simple trip to the gas station or grocery store will give you a very good picture of what the economy really is for the average family. So far, the gas price has raised again this year to almost three dollars a gallon. This is down from last year’s four dollar price tag, but tell that to the masses who no longer have jobs due to downsizing.

The average cost of groceries has also increased, making it harder for people to afford to eat healthy. What has remained budget friendly on the grocery aisles are foods high in calories, fat, carbohydrates and cholestrol. Yet, as a society we are told to eat better to combat an increasing problem with obesity. Short of growing your own food supply, there really isn’t much that can be done…or is there?

Years ago, when grandmothers were mothers, there weren’t convienence foods prepackaged on the shelves ready to eat or to heat. Instead, food was prepared from scratch from a few basic ingredients. Yes, it took more time. But, it can be worthwhile to return to the days of our grandmothers when it comes to preparing affordable meals.

Instead of cooking each night, it is possible to prepare meals for the week in one day. Then, simply freeze the meals for later use. Microwave when ready to eat.

Resurrect the caserole. This staple of of hodge-podge ingredients is a great way to stretch a dollar. Besides being able to fill it with a variety of great foods, the combinations are quite tasty and filling. It can be made from leftovers as well as fresh ingredients. Each time a caserole is made, it is, by nature, different. Therefore, it is a dish that one can use without getting tired of eating it.

Even better, when making pre-made meals, freeze individual portions. this way, you don’t end up with a ton of leftovers in the fridge and you are less likely to overeat if you have to prepare another full portion.

Try baking slightly bruised fruit, such as apples, or stuffing slightly bruised tomatoes instead of throwing these away. Bruises won’t necessarily spoil fruit immediately. This gives you some wiggle room in what gets eaten and what gets thrown in the garbage, saving you money in the process.

Don’t go to the store without checking for coupons. This means searching store ads, newspaper, and online sources. I’ve found that I can locate coupons on the Internet for just about anything I’d like to buy. In fact, I’ve even gone out to eat at very nice restaurants for free due to a coupon I found on the internet.

Use gift cards. Sites like sell gift cards at hugely discounted rates that allow you to dine for a fraction of the price. For instance, it’s possible to purchase a $75 gift card for about $35 depending on the special the site has at the time. Sometimes, you can get them even cheaper.

Basically, with a little help from the internet, a bit of ingenuity, the current economic conditions do not have to directly affect the way you live your life. There are ways around the money-crunch while the economy continues on the road to recovery.