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Electrolux/Eureka/Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Axle - Front 71478


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Electrolux/Eureka/Sanitaire  Vacuum Cleaner Axle - Front 71478

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Fits Electrolux/Eureka/Sanitaire 2903A,, 2904AZ,, 2905A,, 2920A,, 2924AS,
2924AV,, 2926AV,, 2940AV,, 2940AVE,, 2941AVZ,
2961AVZ,, 2961BVZ,, 2961TUR,, 2970A,, 2971AV,
2971BVZ,, 2972AV,, 2973AVZ,, 2976AVZ,, 2977AV,
2981A,, 2981AV,, 2981AVZ,, 2981BVZ,, 2991AVZ,
2993AV,, 2996AVZ,, 2996BVZ,, 2996DVZ,, 2997AZ,
2997BVZ,, 2998AZ,, 2998BZ,, 2999AVZ,, 2999BV,
2999DVZ,, 3271AVZ,, 3276AVZ,, 3276AZ,, 3276BVZ,
3277AVZ,, 3279AZ,, 3281AZ,, 3282AVZ,, 4700A,
4700B,, 4700D,, 4701AZ,, 4702A,, 4703A,
4703B,, 4703BLU,, 4703D,, 4704A,, 4704BLM,
4704BLU,, 4704FRD,, 4704L,, 4704LMP,, 4704LTA,
4704ONG,, 4704P,, 4704PE,, 4704PNK,, 4704PUR,
4704T,, 4704TE,, 4709AZ,, 4750A,, 4751AZ,
4752A,, 5740A,, 5810A,, 5811A,, 5812A,
5813AV,, , 5815AV,, 5840A,, 5840AV, 5841A,
5841AS,, 5841AV,, 5841BV,, 5842AV,, 5843AV,
5843AZ,, 5844AV,, 5844AZ,, 5845A,, 5846AH,
5847AV,, 5847AVX,, 5847AZ,, 5847BV,, 5848AV,
5850AZ,, 5851AN,, 5851AV,, 5855AN,, 5855AZ,
5855BZ,, 5856AV,, 5857AZ,, 5859ASZ,, 5860AVH-1,
5860AVZ,, 5860BVZ,, 5892AZ,, C5712A,, C5712A-1,
R2900A,, R2901A,, SC5713A,, SC5713A-1,, SC5713A-2,
SC5713A-3,, SC5713B,, SC5815A,, SC5815A-1,, SC5815A-2,
SC5815B,, SC5845A,, SC5845A-1,, SC5845A-2,, SC5845B &
Part#: 71478
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SKU 71478
Brand Eureka

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