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HAAN SS25 MultiForce Pro Floor Cleaner with CR Motion Technology


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HAAN SS25 MultiForce Pro Floor Cleaner with CR Motion Technology

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The HAAN Multiforce Pro is the first steamer to include CR-motion™ technology that gives you the power to mop, scrub, buff, sanitize and refresh with just one machine. Cut your cleaning time and effort while expanding your cleaning possibilities. The Multiforce Pro includes attachments that allow you to take steam where you never have before - outdoor surfaces. Moving scrub brush attachments attack messes on tile, deck boards and cement patios easily. Included buffing cloths help to bring the original luster back to aged hardwood floors or dull marble. The Multiforce Pro also features variable steam technology that allows you to dial into the perfect setting depending upon the mess and the
flooring surface. This versatile cleaning tool includes 4 ultra-microfiber cleaning pads, 2 buffing cloths, 2 steam scrubbers and a Carpet Sanitizing Tray.

  • Quick and effortless cleaning with CR-motion™ technology

  • 2 counter reciprocating pads move at a rate of 850 cycles per minute providing a back-and-fourth scrubbing motion

  • Clean outdoors with CR-motion™ heavy duty scrubbing brushes

  • Multiple CR-motion™ Pad Attachments for versatile cleaning

  • Variable steam output for everyday cleaning or heavy duty scrubbing

  • 20 steam jets provide a wide cleaning path & reduce hot spots

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria & dust mites

  • Swivel head adds maneuverability with a stable design that enables unit to stand upright independently

  • Electronic pump provides continuous steam

  • Carpet Glide attachment included for sanitizing, refreshing & deodorizing carpets

  • Removable water tank can be easily filled right at the tap

  • Cleans & sanitizes without the use of chemicals & detergents

  • Includes 2 sets of reusable Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads, 1 set of Buffing Pads and 1 set of Scrub Brushes

What's in the Box
  • HAAN Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
  • Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads (2 sets)
  • Buffing Pads (1 set)
  • Scrub Brush Attachments (1 set)
  • Floor Protector/Resting Mat
  • Carpet Glide
  • Fresh Rinse Lime & Scale Remover (x12)


What are the available colors for the SS-25?

The only color it comes in is red & black.

Can I use the SS-25 to sanitize my carpets?

Yes, the carpet glide tray comes with the SS-25 so that you can sanitize your carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas, etc. When using the carpet tray on soft surfaces, do not use the CR Motion option as this could result in product malfunction or product failure.

How long does it take for the SS-25 to heat?

The SS-25 reaches temperature (212 degrees) in about 40-45 seconds.

Is the clicking/thumping noise I hear normal?

Yes, this is just the sound of the water pump pumping water through the heating element to the base of the unit. In some units the sound will lessen after the unit heats up, but if it remains throughout the duration of the steaming, it is perfectly normal.

How many watts does the SS-25 use?

The SS-25 uses 1200 watts.

How many steam jets does the SS-25 have?

The SS-25 has 20 steam jets.

Is there a way to adjust the height of the SS-25?

The pole does not adjust height; the unit is 46.5 inches tall when assembled. The pole does slide out easily to use the SS-25 on mattresses or counter tops.

How long is the cord on the SS-25?

The cord length on the SS-25 is 18 feet.

What are the red and silver packets I received, and how do I use them?

These packets are fresh rinse lime and scale remover. Depending on the frequency of use, use one packet every 3 to 6 months. Pour a packet of lime and scale remover into a tank with one cup of water and shake the water tank. Sitting the SS-25 on the black resting mat, allow the solution to steam out through the unit to clean the inside of the unit and remove potential lime and scale build up inside the SS-25.

How long does a tank of water last, and what is the tanks capacity?

The water tank holds 11.83 fl ounces of water and this will last for about 17 minutes on the high setting and 23 minutes on the gentle setting.

Can I use the SS-25 on any type of flooring?

You can use the SS-25 on any sealed hard surface floor that does not have a wax or no wax finish. This includes hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone and tile. It is recommended that you check with your flooring manufacture before use.

Does the SS25 really kill germs?

Absolutely! Because the SS-25 emits steam through the pad in excess of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, germs, bacteria, dust mites and allergens are killed almost instantly.

How often do I need to buy new cleaning pads?

A. The two patented Ultra-Microfiber pads included with your HAAN SS-25 are reusable. You simply toss them in the wash machine but please do not use fabric softener or bleach. We recommend air drying, but you can also dry them on a low setting in your dryer.

B. Depending on how frequently the machine is used depends on the life expectancy of the pad. Typically a Micro-Fiber pads life expectancy can range from 4-6 months.

Why does the SS25 not swivel easy?

A: The swivel head works on a spring system. If the mechanism was to loose, it could wear down the hinge and not be able to stand on its own.

B: To maneuver the swivel head roll your wrist from side to side.

What is CR Motion?

CR Motion is a technology that enhances the natural pull-and-push motion of standard steam mops and takes steam cleaning to a whole new level. The process is simple; water passes through a machine powered pump, enters and is heated by a SCR circuit heater and is evenly dispersed through two sets of 10 steam jets. Each set of steam jets are positioned on 2 counter reciprocating steam plates that move at a rate of 850 cycles per minute.

How do I turn on the CR Motion function?

On the bottom right side of the head unit, you will find a switch that states Pad on/off. Gently press the switch to turn the function on. To turn the function off, press the switch again.

*Remember the unit is HOT. Please do not touch the unit while in use or in the cool down process as it could result in a burn.

*This is used to turn the CR Motion on/off only. To turn the unit off, have customer locate the power switch on the front of the unit.

How do I turn on the SS20?

On the front of the unit (black) you will find a power switch. The unit is on when you see an orange light illuminating.

Do you need to apply force while using the CR Motion?

Applying a gentle force to remove a stubborn stain will add an extra boost to your cleaning. If using excessive force, you may cause damage to your flooring or damage your unit.

Can I use the pads/brushes with the Carpet tray?

DO NOT use CR-motion when Carpet Glide is attached to unit. Doing so could result in product malfunction or product failure.

The microfiber pads are Ideal when using the steam function by itself or with CR-motion activated. Great for cleaning laminate, hardwood, tile and vinyl surfaces. Can also be used to blot fresh stains on carpet.

The Scrub brush attachments are Ideal when using CR-motion™ with or without steam. Great for outdoor use on decks, patios and walkways. Best when used with a cleaning agent. To clean Scrub Brush Attachments rinse with water.

The carpet tray is to be used on your carpet, mattresses, rugs or other soft surfaces that can be used with 212 degrees of steam heat.

The Buffing pads are Ideal when using CR-motion™ without steam. Can be used with a floor agent to polish and shine.

Is the power cord able to get wet?

Yes. This appliance is for use on a nominal 120V circuit and has a grounding attachment plug. Make sure that the appliance is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No adaptor should be used with this appliance.

*Do not immerse the Multiforce™ in water or any other liquid.

How do I remove the carpet tray?

Locate the gray tab on the back of the unit at the bottom. Gently press down where it says Push and slide the unit out of the tray.

The CR Motion is not working?

Make sure the unit is turned on.

When the unit is off or completely cool, remove any microfiber pads, carpet trays etc, check for any debris that may have lodged itself.

What are my cleaning options?

Steam can be used without CR-motion™.

CR-motion can be used without steam but not with the carpet tray attachment.

Steam and CR-motion™ can be used simultaneously without the carpet tray attached.

What type of floor do you use each floor setting?

A. High steam emission ideal for ceramic, stone, tile and other durable floors.

B. Gentle steam emission perfect for sealed hardwood, laminate, bamboo and other delicate floors.

Can you use an extension cord?

Use only a heavy duty extension cord rated for 15 amps minimum DO NOT use an ordinary extension cord.

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