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Replacement MC-115PT Panasonic U-3 Micro-Lined Vacuum Bags- 10 pack

5.0 out of 5

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Replacement  MC-115PT Panasonic U-3 Micro-Lined Vacuum Bags- 10 pack

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Fits Models using Type U, U-3 or U-6 Vacuum Bags

Fits Models: MC-V5000 Series, MC-V5100 Series, MC-V5200 Series, MC-V5300 Series, MC-V5500 Series, MC-V5700 Series, MC-V6200 Series, MC-V6300 Series, MC-V6800 Series, MC-V6900 Series, MC-V7300 Series including MC5107 MC5111 MC5116 MC5117 MC5121 MC5131 MC5150 MC51501 MC5157 MC5177 MC5190 MC51901 MC5210 MC5217 MC5220 MC5230 MC5237 MC5250 MC5277 MC5510 MC5517 MC6210 MC6215 MC6220 MC6225 MC6230 MC6250 MC6255 MC6317 MC6327 MC6367 MC6377 MC6640 MC6647 MC6810 MC6837 MC6855 MCV5005 MCV5017 MCV5037 CV5107 MCV5190 MCV5207 MCV5247 MCV5258 MCV5267 MCV5268 MCV5278 MCV5297 MCV5315 MCV5335 MCV5375 MCV5390 MCV5502 MCV5710 MCV5725 MCV5734 MCV5744 MCV6255 MCV6307 MCV6602 MCV660201 MCV6807 MCV6830 MCV6840 MCV6847 MCV6915 MCV6965 MCV7305 MCV7312 MCV7335 MCV7337 MCV7347 MCV7357 MCV7365 MCV7367 MCV7375 MCV7377 MCV7388 MCV7395 MCV7428

OEM Part Number: MC-115PT, MC115PT

Quantity Per Package: 10 bags by DVC
more compatible models

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Panasonic MC5110

Panasonic MC5111

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Panasonic MC5250

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Panasonic MC5277

Panasonic MC5340

Panasonic MC5510

Panasonic MC5995

Panasonic MC6210

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Panasonic MC6225

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Panasonic MC6640

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Panasonic MC6837

Panasonic MC6855

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Panasonic MC6955

Panasonic MCV5003

Panasonic MCV5107

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Panasonic MCV5207

Panasonic MCV5217

Panasonic MCV5237

Panasonic MCV5305

Panasonic MCV5315

Panasonic MCV5330

Panasonic MCV5335

Panasonic MCV5340

Panasonic MCV5355

Panasonic MCV5375

Panasonic MCV5390

Panasonic MCV5706

Panasonic MCV5710

Panasonic MCV5715

Panasonic MCV5716

Panasonic MCV5720

Panasonic MCV5725

Panasonic MCV5734

Panasonic MCV5737

Panasonic MCV5740

Panasonic MCV5744

Panasonic MCV5745

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Panasonic MCV6830

Panasonic MCV6840

Panasonic MCV6847

Panasonic MCV6915

Panasonic MCV6945

Panasonic MCV6950

Panasonic MCV6965

Panasonic MCV6970

Panasonic MCV6975

Panasonic MCV7311

Panasonic MCV7315

Panasonic MCV7320

Panasonic MCV7335

Panasonic MCV7335-1

Panasonic MCV7337

Panasonic MCV7337-1

Panasonic MCV7355
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Additional Information

SKU MC-115PT-g10
Brand Panasonic
Manufacturer MICROLINED

Customer Reviews

by Kim on 9/17/14
yea! found what i needed!
great service. fast shipping. accurate.
thank you
by Feuchter on 1/25/14
No problems at all. The shipping was much faster than I expected. The bags are the correct ones and work as advertised.
Excellent service.
by None on 12/19/13
Excellent service and product. Would certainly deal with them again.
Good bags at a Good price
by MJ on 8/10/13
I have a Panasonic MC-6255 purchased 21 years ago. Great vac but hard to find bags since its so old. These bags fit great, quality seems very good and the price was right. Bags came quickly and in good condition, will definitely buy again
Exactly right
by Sammy on 5/21/13
There's even an easy-close option for the bags once they're filled. Very convenient, and quick delivery.
Rare part delivered quick and easy
by Sammy on 5/21/13
Not only was ezvacuum the only website I saw that had refill bags for my ancient vacuum, but they were cheap and delivered quickly. I was hoping they would never get here so I wouldn't have to clean this place. But oh well.
Works perfectly
by Matt on 4/28/13
Kept buying my bags from Home Depot or Lowes. They never seemed to work good. I compared an old bag to these new ones, now I see the huge difference.
by CC on 7/15/12
Happy with speed of delivery

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