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Hoover 43434042 Extra Reach Extension Hose Assembly 20 ft.

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Hoover 43434042 Extra Reach Extension Hose Assembly 20 ft.

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Hoover 43434042 black wire reinforced extension hose fits WindTunnel, Savvy, Dual V, Empower and V2 Technology vacuum cleaners. Extends hose length by up to 20 feet. The 1 1/2" diameter end has two locking pins which hold it in the vacuum. The other end is extra large to fit OVER wands and attachments.

Extra Reach Hoover Extension Hose fits Hoover Windtunnel and upright vacuum cleaner models C1701, U5172-900, U5175-900, U5458-900, U5458-910, U5491900,
U5460-900, U5462-900, U5467-900, U5468-900, U5470-900
U5471-900, U5472-900, U5473-900, U5481-900, U5491-900
U5491-950, U6439-900, U6454-900, U6485-900, U8151-900, U6485900,
U8153-900, U8155-900, U8157-900, U8161-900, U8163-900
U8172-900, U8174-900, U8181-900, U8187-900, U8188-900
UH30070, UH40110, UH40155, UH40185, UH40190
UH50000, UH50005B and other WindTunnel bagged and self propelled models manufactured AFTER 11/2002.

The first two digits of the serial number indicate the month. The second two indicate the year. For example, the serial number 080134334799 indicates a manufacturing date of 08/2001. Models manufactured BEFORE 10/2002 need hose 43434073. This is genuine Hoover Hose 43434042 and 4343425.

Fits these among others models:
C1701 WindTunnel
UH40155 Fold Away Vacuum
U5172-900 Fold Away Vacuum
U5175-900 Fold Away Vacuum
UH40185 Fold Away With Fold Down Handle
UH40190 Fold Away Vacuum
U8151-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8153-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8155-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8157-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8161-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8163-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8172-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8174-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8181-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8187-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U8188-900 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
UH40110 Savy 2 In 1 Bagged and Bagless
U5458-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5458-910 WindTunnel Supreme
U5460-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5462-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5467-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5470-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5471-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5472-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5473-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5481-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5491-900 WindTunnel Supreme
U5491-950 WindTunnel Supreme
UH30070 WindTunnel Supreme
U6439-900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled
U6454-900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled
U6485-900 WindTunnel Self-Propelled
UH50000 WindTunnel Self-Propelled
UH50005B WindTunnel Self-Propelled
U6485100 Windtunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum
U6485200 Windtunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum
U6485300 Windtunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum
UH40080 WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum
U6425900 Upright Vacuum
U8188900 Wind Tunnel
U6433900 Windtunnel Self Propelled
U6445900 Upright Vacuum
U54219RM Windtunnel Bagged Upright
U8148-900 Upright Vacuum
6451900 Upright Vacuum
U8120900 Wind Tunnel V2 Upright
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Additional Information

SKU 43434042
Brand Hoover
Manufacturer Hoover

Customer Reviews

by glasscanvas on 1/14/15
great fast shipping product works great with my self propelled Hoover
Perfect fit for my vacuum - works great - at a great price 0 and arrived quickly :)
by K. E.. Clark on 8/27/14
I ordered this extension hose for my vacuum because the standard hose doesn't reach very far and causes the vacuum to tip over if you are trying to vacuum something tall like drapes. I tried to order it directly from the manufacturer, however they were out of stock and suggested I try looking up the part on line for other retailers. While I appreciated their helpfulness - I didn't think it was a smart idea to send a customer elsewhere - losing business. The price was even a little less with this seller and they offered free shipping. My extension hose arrived probably within 2-3 days and works wonderfully. I am very happy with my first purchase from this company and would use them again!
Hoover ext hose
by kb on 12/29/13
works great on Hoover widepath Tempo Vac
Very prompt response
by Mash on 12/21/13
The hose reached all 13 extra wide stairs. Very pleased.
exactly as advertised
by bgbama on 4/30/13
Works perfectly and the best price in the US. You'll want to use the shorter hose during normal upright floor cleaning. The extension is understandably bulky and there's no satisfactory way to "hang" it on the vaccum for transport .
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Great price but comes up short
by michaelo on 4/12/13
I have a hoover upright windtunnel anniversary and the hose on it is about 12 inches long. While this hose is a tremendous improvement there is no way it stretches to 20 feet. In my measurement it was around 14. It's good enough though.
Gives me that extra reach
by guest on 5/18/12
Gives me that extra reach for My Hoover Fusion upright bagless (U5180900) that the oem hose lacked. No more pulling the unit over when I'm doing ceiling moulding, door tops, and drapes. It kinda flops around a bit because of the extra length vs the hose guides but it works just fine.
This site had the best price
by guest on 5/18/12
This site had the best price for this product. The extension hose may not look that long, but it does stretch the full 20 feet. I am very pleased because I can now clean ALL the stairs without lugging my heavy upright model down each step as I go.

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