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Find Filters, Belts, Parts and Accessories for your Dyson 07, DC14, DC15, DC16, DC18, DC245, DC25, DC28, DC33 thru SV11 models and more at EZvacuum.com

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About Dyson Company

It's no coincidence that Dyson vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular brands on the market. The Dyson company believes in the simple principle that things should work properly. Dyson vacuum cleaners are the result of that dedication. Dyson vacuum cleaners are unsurpassed in quality design, innovative features and ease of use.

Dyson Root Cyclone™ technology

Root Cyclone™ technology uses powerful centrifugal forces to separate dust from the air. New Dyson cylinder machines have three distinct stages of cyclonic separation - each engineered to capture smaller and smaller particles.

Air velocity is: 20 metres per second in the outer cyclone, 50 metres per second in the core separator, 80 metres per second in the inner cyclones. Dust particles are subjected to forces of: 500G in the outer cyclone, 29,000G in the core separator and 100,000G in the inner cyclones (around 20,000 times greater than a roller-coaster ride).
source: dyson.com

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