Eureka U Vacuum Cleaner Bags wil fit Eureka Bravo Model 7606A.

Eureka Style U Bags

Product Description

These bags are micro-lined, highly recommended for homes with breathing issues or allergies. The micro-lined bags are 30% more effective at capturing fine dust particles. Replaces eureka bravo charcoal filter bags Fits Eureka Bravo and Powerline upright models 7605AT;7606A;7609A;, 7612AT;7618AT;7620AT; 7620BT;7622AT;7626ATH;7640AT;7671AT; 7673AT;7677AT;7685ATV;7686ATH;7770AT; 7773ATS;9206AT;9334AT;9410A;9720AT;9730A 9731AT;9740AT;9834AT;9855AT;9875A;9875AT.