Buying a HEPA vacuum means that you are serious about removing contaminants and allergens from your home. Making sure that it works its best and it does the job that you want it to do means that you need to stay on top of maintenance. These seven tips will help you to get the most from your HEPA vacuum cleaner.

  1. Change your HEPA vacuum cleaner filter regularly. If your filter gets clogged and is not able to work the way it was designed, it will quit doing its job. You want the HEPA filter to work at maximum efficiency and to do that it must be changed regularly. The HEPA filter manufacturer will most likely have a recommendation for their particular filter.

  2. Change your HEPA vacuum cleaner bag before it gets full. While you may want to get your money’s worth as far as your bag, the more full that it gets, the less suction power that your vacuum cleaner may have. By changing it when it gets to 2/3 full or close to that, you can keep its power at a high level.

  3. Vacuum at least twice a week. If you want your HEPA vacuum to do the best job for you, you want to be sure it is not getting overwhelmed with allergens and contaminants, as well as just dirt, in your carpets. By vacuuming regularly, you can ensure it does a great job every time it is used.

  4. Use the right HEPA vacuum cleaner accessories. While you may find accessories that will cost you less, you want to stick with the ones that are made for your particular HEPA vacuum. This will ensure that you are getting maximum efficiency.

  5. Use an air purifier as well. While your HEPA vacuum can do a lot to help remove allergens and contaminants from your carpet, you also want to keep the contaminants out of the air as well. A HEPA air purifier can help you with that.

  6. Make your home a no shoes zone. You have enough contaminants and allergens in the home without introducing more when you walk in and out of your house. By leaving your shoes outside, you can make the most of your HEPA vacuum cleaner in taking care of your needs.

Getting the most from your HEPA vacuum cleaner can determine if you are removing as much of the allergens and contaminants from the carpet or air as you may want. By taking care of it, you can ensure it is doing its job in the most efficient way possible.