Do you have stains on your carpet, but are unsure of what to use to remove them that will not add chemicals and toxins into your home and the air? You are in luck. EZVacuum offers you a wide variety of vacuum cleaner accessories that can help you to keep your carpeting beautiful without sacrificing your breathing or exposure to toxic chemicals. From steamers to sprays to powders and more, these green cleaning tools can allow you to get rid of the stains and enjoy your carpet. What do you need to consider about each of these things?

Steamers are something that most households do not know much about, but they can go a long way to keeping your floors clean and free of stains. They work simply by using steam to help to remove stains from carpets. They also help to sanitize the floors and often include attachments that will allow you to clean and sanitize other parts of the home as well to not only get rid of stains, but also help to remove dust mites and other allergens from the home. No chemicals are needed to get the results and they are completely safe for the environment as well.We carry Haan Carpet Steamers which have over the time become customer favorites.

Non-toxic and natural is what you are looking for as far as floor cleaning sprays. There are several that are featured on They key is to determine whether you want to go with a pre-spray that you use with your carpet shampooer to treat a larger area of your carpet, such as a high traffic area, a spotter treatment that you use only on the stain spots, or you want to shampoo and clean your entire room. You may want to consider a variety of products to allow you to customize your cleaning to your particular needs.Our star performer in this field it Joe Campanelli's stain remover

A carpet cleaning powder is something that you can just spread onto the carpet, allow to sit for a bit, and then vacuum up. The carpet cleaning powders are a great tool if you do not have a shampooer or do not want the carpets to be wet, as they use sponge-like particles that help to clean and refresh your carpets without additional water. They are safe for children and pets as well. This can help you to get your carpets clean without having to deal with having wet carpet.

Stains can be treated without chemicals. The key is to find the right products for the treatment. Our You will then be on your way to having carpet that is clean, fresh, and beautiful, as well as healthy for you and every member of your family.