Eureka Victory Brush Roll 60844-5 will Fit Eureka Model 2900A. Eureka Victory Brush Roll

Product Description

Eureka Sanitaire vacuum cleaner roller brush, agitator approximately 12.5 inch long with octagonal ends. Replacement for part number: 15467-2, 15728-1, 27809-2, 60251, E60251-1, 60251-2, 60251-3, 60521-1, 60844-1, 60844-2, 60844-10, 61217-3, 63391, 77315 OEM Part Number:60844-5 Replaces part 61861-2. Fits Eureka Contour / Victory / Whirlwind upright models that take style AA bags including models 2900A, 2901A, 4325AT, 4325ATX, 4326AT, 4326ATX, 4331A, 4331AA, 4332BT, 4333A, 4334AT, 4335BTM, 4335DT, 4335FT, 4335FT, 4336ATH, 4336BTH, 4337ATH, 4337ATV, 4337BTH, 4340DT, 4340ET, 4341AT, 4341ATV, 4350DT, 4351BT, 4351BTX, 4351BTZ, 4351DT, 4352BT, 4352DT, 4352ET, 4354AT, 4372AT, 4374AT, 4376AT, 4380AT, 4380AT, 4380ATF, 4380ATV, 4384AT, 4386AT, 4387AT, 4388AT, 4388BH, 4388BT, 4640AV, 4641AVC, 4654AT, 4654BT, 4696AV, 4700A, 4700B, 4700D, 4701AZ, 4702A 4703A, 4703B, 4703BLU, 4703D, 4704A 4704BLM, 4704BLU, 4704FRD, 4704L, 4704LMP 4704LTA, 4704ONG, 4704P, 4704PE, 4704PNK 4704PUR, 4704T, 4704TE, 4709AZ, 4750A 4751AZ, 4752A, C5712A, C5712A-1, HP5505A R2900A, R2901A, SC5713A, SC5713A-1, SC5713A-2 SC5713A-3, SC5713B, AU2920A, R2901A, R2990A, SE2901AF, SE2902AVF