Genuine Bosch BBZ152HFUC HEPA Filter Formula series

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Genuine Bosch BBZ152HFUC HEPA Filter Formula series

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Bosch HEPA Filter for Formula Canisters. This rectangular black color filter measures 35mm x 185mm x 85mm.

Quantity Per Package: 1 Bosch vacuum cleaner HEPA Filter

Replaces BBZ152HFUC, OEM Ident No. 491669, BBZ152HF, Siemens VZ152HFB

Fits following models
Bosch BSG7

Bosch BSG70 series including:
Bosch BSG700/00
Bosch BSG7000
Bosch BSG70000

Bosch BSG71 series including:
Bosch BSG71266 Pro Energy
Bosch BSG71266/07
Bosch BSG71266/11
Bosch BSG71266/20
Bosch BSG7126607
Bosch BSG7126611
Bosch BSG71266GB/07
Bosch BSG71266GB/17
Bosch BSG71266GB07
Bosch BSG71266GB17
Bosch BSG71310UC/01
Bosch BSG71310UC/03
Bosch BSG71310UC/04
Bosch BSG71310UC/07
Bosch BSG71360UC/02
Bosch BSG71360UC/03
Bosch BSG71360UC/07
Bosch BSG71360UC/13
Bosch BSG71360UC02
Bosch BSG71360UC03
Bosch BSG71360UC07
Bosch BSG71360UC13
Bosch BSG71370UC/02
Bosch BSG71370UC/03
Bosch BSG71370UC/07
Bosch BSG71370UC/13
Bosch BSG71370UC02
Bosch BSG71370UC03
Bosch BSG71370UC07
Bosch BSG71370UC13
Bosch BSG71466/07
Bosch BSG71466/14
Bosch BSG7146607
Bosch BSG7146614
Bosch BSG71636/11
Bosch BSG71666/07
Bosch BSG71666/14
Bosch BSG71666/17
Bosch BSG7166607
Bosch BSG7166614
Bosch BSG7166617
Bosch BSG71668/07
Bosch BSG7166807
Bosch BSG71800
Bosch BSG71800/01
Bosch BSG71800/03
Bosch BSG71800/04
Bosch BSG71800/07
Bosch BSG7180001
Bosch BSG7180003
Bosch BSG7180004
Bosch BSG7180007
Bosch BSG71800GB/04
Bosch BSG71800GB/07
Bosch BSG71800GB04
Bosch BSG71800GB07
Bosch BSG71801/01
Bosch BSG71801/03
Bosch BSG71801/04
Bosch BSG7180101
Bosch BSG7180103
Bosch BSG7180104
Bosch BSG71810
Bosch BSG71810/01
Bosch BSG71810/03
Bosch BSG71810/04
Bosch BSG71810/07
Bosch BSG7181001
Bosch BSG7181003
Bosch BSG7181004
Bosch BSG7181007
Bosch BSG71810CH/01
Bosch BSG71810CH/03
Bosch BSG71810CH/04
Bosch BSG71810CH01
Bosch BSG71810CH03
Bosch BSG71810CH04
Bosch BSG71810GB/01
Bosch BSG71810GB/03
Bosch BSG71810GB/04
Bosch BSG71810GB/07
Bosch BSG71810GB01
Bosch BSG71810GB03
Bosch BSG71810GB04
Bosch BSG71810GB07
Bosch BSG71810IL/01
Bosch BSG71810IL/03
Bosch BSG71810IL/04
Bosch BSG71810IL01
Bosch BSG71810IL03
Bosch BSG71810IL04
Bosch BSG71825
Bosch BSG71825/01
Bosch BSG71825/03
Bosch BSG71825/04
Bosch BSG71825/07
Bosch BSG7182501
Bosch BSG7182503
Bosch BSG7182504
Bosch BSG7182507
Bosch BSG71825AU/01
Bosch BSG71825AU/03
Bosch BSG71825AU/04
Bosch BSG71825AU/07
Bosch BSG71825AU01
Bosch BSG71825AU03
Bosch BSG71825AU04
Bosch BSG71825AU07
Bosch BSG71825GB/01
Bosch BSG71825GB/03
Bosch BSG71825GB/04
Bosch BSG71825GB01
Bosch BSG71825GB03
Bosch BSG71825GB04
Bosch BSG71826/01
Bosch BSG71826/03
Bosch BSG71826/04
Bosch BSG71826/07
Bosch BSG7182601
Bosch BSG7182603
Bosch BSG7182604
Bosch BSG7182607
Bosch BSG71830
Bosch BSG71830/01
Bosch BSG71830/03
Bosch BSG71830/04
Bosch BSG71830/07
Bosch BSG7183001
Bosch BSG7183003
Bosch BSG7183004
Bosch BSG7183007
Bosch BSG71830AU/01
Bosch BSG71830AU/03
Bosch BSG71830AU/04
Bosch BSG71830AU/07
Bosch BSG71830AU01
Bosch BSG71830AU03
Bosch BSG71830AU04
Bosch BSG71830AU07
Bosch BSG71835
Bosch BSG71835/01
Bosch BSG71835/03
Bosch BSG71835/04
Bosch BSG71835/07
Bosch BSG7183501
Bosch BSG7183503
Bosch BSG7183504
Bosch BSG7183507
Bosch BSG71840/01
Bosch BSG71840/02
Bosch BSG71840/03
Bosch BSG71840/04
Bosch BSG71840/05
Bosch BSG71840/07
Bosch BSG7184001
Bosch BSG7184002
Bosch BSG7184003
Bosch BSG7184004
Bosch BSG7184005
Bosch BSG7184007
Bosch BSG71842/04
Bosch BSG71842/07
Bosch BSG71842/10
Bosch BSG71842/16
Bosch BSG7184204
Bosch BSG7184207
Bosch BSG7184210
Bosch BSG7184216
Bosch BSG71866
Bosch BSG71866/01
Bosch BSG71866/03
Bosch BSG71866/04
Bosch BSG71866/07
Bosch BSG7186601
Bosch BSG7186603
Bosch BSG7186604
Bosch BSG7186607
Bosch BSG71866AU/01
Bosch BSG71866AU/03
Bosch BSG71866AU/04
Bosch BSG71866AU/07
Bosch BSG71866AU01
Bosch BSG71866AU03
Bosch BSG71866AU04
Bosch BSG71866AU07
Bosch BSG71877/07
Bosch BSG7187707

Bosch BSG72 Series including:
Bosch BSG72000
Bosch BSG72000/01
Bosch BSG72000/03
Bosch BSG72000/04
Bosch BSG72000/07
Bosch BSG72000/13
Bosch BSG72000/15
Bosch BSG72000/16
Bosch BSG7200001
Bosch BSG7200003
Bosch BSG7200004
Bosch BSG7200007
Bosch BSG7200013
Bosch BSG7200015
Bosch BSG7200016
Bosch BSG72022/01
Bosch BSG72022/03
Bosch BSG72022/04
Bosch BSG72022/07
Bosch BSG7202201
Bosch BSG7202203
Bosch BSG7202204
Bosch BSG7202207
Bosch BSG72022CH/01
Bosch BSG72022CH/03
Bosch BSG72022CH/04
Bosch BSG72022CH01
Bosch BSG72022CH03
Bosch BSG72022CH04
Bosch BSG72025GB/04
Bosch BSG72025GB/07
Bosch BSG72025GB04
Bosch BSG72025GB07
Bosch BSG72070GB/07
Bosch BSG72070GB07
Bosch BSG72077/01
Bosch BSG72077/03
Bosch BSG72077/04
Bosch BSG72077/07
Bosch BSG7207701
Bosch BSG7207703
Bosch BSG7207704
Bosch BSG7207707
Bosch BSG72200/01
Bosch BSG72200/03
Bosch BSG72200/04
Bosch BSG72200/07
Bosch BSG7220001
Bosch BSG7220003
Bosch BSG7220004
Bosch BSG7220007
Bosch BSG72200GB/11
Bosch BSG72200GB/15
Bosch BSG72200GB11
Bosch BSG72200GB15
Bosch BSG72210/15
Bosch BSG7221015
Bosch BSG72212
Bosch BSG72212/07
Bosch BSG72212/11
Bosch BSG72212/15
Bosch BSG72212/17
Bosch BSG7221207
Bosch BSG7221211
Bosch BSG7221215
Bosch BSG7221217
Bosch BSG72222/07
Bosch BSG72222/11
Bosch BSG7222207
Bosch BSG7222211
Bosch BSG72223/11
Bosch BSG72223/15
Bosch BSG7222311
Bosch BSG7222315
Bosch BSG72225
Bosch BSG72225/07
Bosch BSG72225/09
Bosch BSG72225/11
Bosch BSG72225/15
Bosch BSG72225/17
Bosch BSG7222507
Bosch BSG7222509
Bosch BSG7222511
Bosch BSG7222515
Bosch BSG7222517
Bosch BSG72225GB/07
Bosch BSG72225GB/11
Bosch BSG72225GB/15
Bosch BSG72225GB07
Bosch BSG72225GB11
Bosch BSG72225GB15
Bosch BSG72226/11
Bosch BSG7222611
Bosch BSG72227/15
Bosch BSG7222715
Bosch BSG72230/07
Bosch BSG72230/11
Bosch BSG72230/15
Bosch BSG7223007
Bosch BSG7223011
Bosch BSG7223015
Bosch BSG72233 Formula
Bosch BSG72233/15
Bosch BSG7223315
Bosch BSG72233GB/11
Bosch BSG72233GB/15
Bosch BSG72233GB11
Bosch BSG72233GB15
Bosch BSG72510/07
Bosch BSG72510/18
Bosch BSG72510/19
Bosch BSG7251007
Bosch BSG7251018
Bosch BSG7251019
Bosch BSG72511/07
Bosch BSG7251107

Bosch BSG79 Series including:
Bosch BSG7999
Bosch BSG79999
Bosch BSG79999 Formula Hepa
Bosch BSG79999 Formula Hygienixx

Bosch BSGL71266GB/07

Also fits Siemens VS07G Hygienic Power series canisters.

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Additional Information

Brand Bosch
Manufacturer Bosch

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Filters for the older grey-blue Bosch canister vac... Hepa and pre-motor? is there just 1 style or shd I wait till i can check my model#?
Please let us know the vacuum cleaner model number so that we can check the manual for the correct filters.
Kevin answered on April 16, 2016

Customer Reviews

Good product
by Guest on 9/15/2014
Looked online for this filter for a while to find the exact match. It is a little pricey however the filter fit perfect. Also, delivery was very fast.
Very effective
by frog on 4/13/2013
I purchased this for my Bosch formula electric duo which has been a very reliable machine. The filter does fit perfectly but is expensive compared to the filters of other machines.
a decent price
by guest on 5/24/2012
Good product. Not easy to find in local stores, so I was happy to find it here and at a decent price. I will definitely use your services again.
Great filter
by guest on 5/24/2012
Great filter, lasts a year or longer depending on how much you use your vacuum.

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