Miele Type GN Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Miele S5 Series Canisters - Generic - 5 Bags + 2 Filters

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Miele Type GN Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Miele S5 Series Canisters - Generic - 5 Bags + 2 Filters

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Miele Type GN Vacuum Bags for the S5 series Canisters vacuum cleaners.
Envirocare Technologies Part # P204, C204
These Bags are designed to fit Miele Type G S400 Series Full Size Canister Vacuums, Miele Type N S600 Series Deluxe Full Size Canister Vacuums, S5280 Pisces, S5280 Callisto, S5380 Gemini, S5381 Leo, s5481 Earth, S5580 Aquarius, S5980 Capricorn, S401 Fullsize, S412 PROFI, S428 Allergy , Control Vac, S434 White Pearl, S438 Allergy Control Vac, S444 White Pearl, S624 Deluxe Fullsize, S658 Blue Moon, S2120 Olympus, Classic C1 Olympus, Classic C1 Capri, Classic C1 Delphi, Classic C1 Titan, Complete C2 Limited Edition, Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine, Complete C3 Calima, Complete C3 Kona, Complete C3 Cat & Dog, Complete C3 Alize, Complete C3 Marin

Miele canisters: S400-456i, S400i S401i S402i S403i S404i S405i S406i S407i S408i S409i S410i S411i S412i S413i S414i S415i S416i S417i S418i S419i S420i S421i S422i S423i S424i S425i S426i S427i S428i S429i S430i S431i S432i S433i S434i S435i S436i S437i S438i S439i S440i S441i S442i S443i S444i S445i S446i S447i S448i S449i S450i S451i S452i S453i S454i S455i S456i, Allergy Control/Plus S400, Allergy Stop, Allervac S400, Excel Human - S400, Exquisit SE - S400, Exquisit XE, Finlandia, Free Time Cherry, Free Time Fresh, Free Time Lagoon, Green Magic, S600 – S658, S600i S601 S602 S603 S604 S605 S606 S607 S608 S609 S610 S611 S612 S613 S614 S615 S616 S617 S618 S619 S620 S621 S622 S623 S624 S625 S626 S627 S628 S629 S630 S631 S632 S633 S634 S635 S636 S637 S638 S639 S640 S641 S643 S644 S645 S646 S647 S648 S649 S650 S651 S652 S653 S654 S655 S656 S657 S658, Allergy Control/Plus S600, Allervac S600, Series, S600 - S699, S800-S858, S800 S801 S802 S803 S804 S805 S806 S807 S808 S809 S810 S811 S812 S813 S814 S815 S816 S817 S818 S819 S820 S821 S822 S823 S824 S825 S826 S827 S828 S829 S830 S831 S832 S833 S834 S835 S836 S837 S838 S839 S840 S841 S842 S843 S844 S845 S846 S847 S848 S849 S850 S851 S852 S853 S854 S855 S856 S857 S858, Allergy Control/Plus S800, Allervac S800, Cat & Dog 800, , Hepa Filter, Jubilee, Jubileum, Medic Air 800, Medic Air Plus, Medic Air S800 Plus, Medicair 800, Medicair Plus - S800, Parkett & Co 800, Parquet 800, Series S800 - S899, Soft Satin - S846, Big Cat & Dog S836, S2000, Cat & Dog 2200, Electronic 2200, XTRA Power 2100 XL, XXL 2000, S2999, S5000-S5999 Series, , Black Jewel, Black Pearl 5000, , Care HEPA, Cat & Dog 5000 - S5, Cat & Dog Plus - S5, Cat & Dog TT 5000, Cat and Dog, Clean Control, Comfort Care, Comfort Deluxe 5000, Haus & Co 5000 - S5, Medicair Plus, Medicair Plus - 5000, Medicair Plus – CH, Mondia D, Mondia LX, Mondia N, Naturell, Opal, Parkett & Co 5000, Parkett & Co Plus, Parkett + Co Plus, Parquet & Co Plus, Profi, Red Passion - CH, Revolution, Revolution 5000, , S5 Series, Sapphire, Senator LX, Senator Parquet, Senator Plus, Senator S, Senator SE, Silverstar, Soft Satin Silver, Soft Silver, Solution Hepa 5000, Solution Plus, Special Turbo, Sunflower (4 Wheels), Total Care 5000, Allervac Sensor, Allervac Sensor 5000, Amaranth, Ambiente S5580, Anniversario, Automatic Hepa 5000, Automatic TT 5000, S401 Fullsize, S412 Profi, S428 Allergy Control Vac, S434 and S444 White Pearl, S438 Allergy Control Vac, S624 Deluxe Fullsize, S658 Blue Moon, S5580 Aquarius, S5980 Capricorn, S5280 Pisces, S5280 Callisto, S5380 Gemini, S5381 Leo, S5481 Earth, S5580 Aquarius, S5980 Capricorn,

Miele S400, S500, S600, S800, and S5000 (S5) Series.

Deluxe Midsize Canisters: S600-S658 series, S624, S658, S5280, S5580 and S5980. Also fits S800-S858, S400i, S456i, S600, S658, S800, S858, S2000, S2999, S5000, S5999

United Kingdom models: S 400 , S 600 , S 800 , S 5000 SERIES, S5210, TT500, S400 - S456 ,S600 - S658, S600 - S858, S5000 - S5999, S5210, TT5000

Life Style: Cat & Dog 5000, Solution Hepa 5000, Allervac Sensor 5000, 7000 series, 07805110, S227i to S240i, S269i to S282i, S400i to S499i, S600i to S699i, S800i to S899i, S5000 to S5999, Allervac Sensor 5000, Automatic TT5000, Cat & Dog TT5000, Revolution (Power Plus) 5000, Solution HEPA 5000

Miele 3 Libra, Red Velvet, Champagne, Titan, Delphi, Capri, Olympus 2000, S 2120, Blue Moon, Blue Moon Plus, Brilliant 4500, Brilliant 6600, Electronic 6100, Brilliant 8600 - S826 Cat & Dog Mini 1500, Electronic 4100, Electronic 8100, Elna Allergy Control, Excel Human - S

Classic C1 Olympus, Classic C1 Capri, Classic C1 Delphi, Classic C1 Titan, Complete C2 Limited Edition

These bags replaces part# 07189520, 05588940, Type GHN, Type GN

EZvacuum.com is not Miele Authorized Dealer. Although the above part is a genuine Miele part, Miele's warranty will not apply on this item since you are not buying from an authorized dealer.

Fits these European Models:

Miele Black Jewel

Miele Black Pearl 5000

Miele G Type

Miele GHN Type

Miele GN Type

Miele H Type

Miele HyClean

Miele N Type

Miele OptiClean

Miele S2110

Miele S2120

Miele S2130

Miele S2180

Miele S400

Miele S400I

Miele S401I

Miele S402I

Miele S404I

Miele S408I

Miele S410I

Miele S411I

Miele S412I

Miele S414I

Miele S420I

Miele S421

Miele S421I

Miele S422

Miele S422I

Miele S424

Miele S424I

Miele S426

Miele S426I

Miele S428

Miele S428I

Miele S434

Miele S434I

Miele S436

Miele S436I

Miele S438

Miele S438I

Miele S442

Miele S442I

Miele S444

Miele S444I

Miele S445

Miele S445I

Miele S446

Miele S446I

Miele S447

Miele S447I

Miele S448

Miele S448I

Miele S456

Miele S456I

Miele S5

Miele S5 Premio

Miele S5 Premium

Miele S5000

Miele S5210

Miele S5211
Miele S5220

Miele S5221

Miele S5260

Miele S5261

Miele S5280

Miele S5281

Miele S5310

Miele S5311

Miele S5321

Miele S5360

Miele S5361

Miele S5380

Miele S5381

Miele S5410

Miele S5411

Miele S5421

Miele S5480

Miele S5481

Miele S5510

Miele S5520

Miele S5560

Miele S5580

Miele S5710

Miele S5711

Miele S5760

Miele S5780

Miele S5781

Miele S5980

Miele S5981

Miele S600

Miele S612

Miele S624

Miele S626

Miele S628

Miele S634

Miele S636

Miele S638

Miele S644

Miele S646

Miele S648

Miele S658

Miele S800

Miele S812

Miele S826

Miele S828

Miele S834

Miele S836

Miele S838

Miele S844

Miele S846

Miele S848

Miele S849

Miele S858

Miele Type G

Miele Type GHN

Miele Type GN

Miele Type H

Miele Type N

Miele White Pearl

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Additional Information

SKU 204
Brand Miele
Manufacturer Envirocare Technologies

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Customer Reviews

customer service
by Journ on 10/9/2017
Called repeatedly about Meile GN vacuum cleaner bags ... NO RESPONSE!!
How do you run a company like this??? Apparently there is a problem w/the GN bags as they have been replaced ... however reviews are not good for replacement! Not doing business w/EZ any longer!!!
No response
by Wondering on 4/8/2016
No response ... to repeated calls and email. Received bags which were different material & very large. Just wanted to know if they would work. I made them work (I guess) but I HATE it when a merchant takes your $ and simply ignores you.

Not sure I will re-order ....
Wrong bags ?
by Ignored on 3/25/2016
I ordered GN bags & received something quite different than the first order, which I'd been happy with. Then I call & email repeatedly to inquire. Many days later, I still await any communication at all.

I will never do business with EZ Vacuum again ... never. I don't like the "We've got your money ... suck it up ... make bags which are gigantic fit your vacuum."

And I detest being ignored by people profiting from sending out the wrong product.
Great product, quick ship
by Dirty no more on 2/12/2016
Works great, quality is fine
These work, but not as good quality as the higher priced bags
by Pammy on 10/31/2013
These work, but not as good quality as the higher priced bags. I've only had the more expensive bags before so that's what I'm comparing here.
GN Miele Vacuum bags
by Karrietoo on 9/19/2013
I have used these bags before and will always use them. Very strong material they are made with. I use in my Miele Titan vacuum.

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