Oreck XL2090RHM Mount Base Screws - 03-00476-01 - 6 Screws

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03-00476-01M Screw,​ No.​8x.​75

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  • 03-00476-01M Screw,​ No.​8x.​75


Oreck XL2090RHM Mount Base Screws. Part no # 03-00476-01, 03-00476-01M, O-880-7027. No.​8 x .​75

Screws for bottom plate to main housing.( need total of 6 screws for the housing ). This screw will also work for the upper handle

Fits the following Oreck Upright machines:
U7010ECS XL Insight
U7020ECBS XL Gold
U7050ECB XL Insight
U7060ECS XL Gold
U7070ECS XL Gold Forever
U7200ECB XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7210ECB XL Pilot
U7210ECR XL Pilot
U7211ECB XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7211ECG XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7211ECP XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7211ECR XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7212ECS XL Platinum Pilot Axis
U7220ECS XL Pilot
U7230ECS XL Platinum Pilot
U7240ECS XL Pilot Forever
U7241ECS XL Pilot 2 Signature
U7250ECS XL Signature
U7300ECB XL Pilot Axis
U7330ECBS XL Pilot
XL7-605EYB XL7
XL7-705ECB XL7
DS1700HY XL Pro
XL21-600ECB XL21
XL21-600ECC XL21
XL21-700ECB XL21
XL21-700ECC XL21
XL21-700ECP XL21 Platinum
XL21-700ECT XL21
XL21-750ECB XL21
XL21-750ECT XL21
XL21-780EYB XL21
XL21-780EYM XL21
RU2240HHS Oreck Commercial
U2000E Restaurateur
U2000E2 Restaurateur
U2000EB Restaurateur
U2000H Classic Commercial
U2000H2 Classic Commercial
U2000HH Oreck Commercial
U2000HSB Classic Commercial
U2000R XL Commercial
U2000R-1 XL Commercial
U2000RB XL Commercial
U2000RB-1 XL Commercial
U2000RB2L-1 XL Commercial
U2000RBBW XL Commercial
U2160HH XL Classic
U2170HH XL Classic
U2200HHS XL Classic Commercial
U2200RD XL Classic Commercial
U2250RS XL Classic
U2251RS XL Classic
U2310RD XL Classic Commercial
U2310RSF XL Classic Commercial
U2330RD XL Classic Commercial
U2420RSQ XL Hotel
U2510RH XL Classic Commercial
U2520RH XL Classic Commercial
U2530RH XL Classic Commercial
U2540RH XL Classic Commercial
U2630HHG XL Select
U2630HHR XL Select
U2640RH XL Classic Commercial
U2650HHB XL Classic
U2650HHR XL Classic
U2650HHW XL Classic
U2740RD XL Classic Commercial
U3120HH XL Lightweigh
U3120HH XL Lightweight
U3140HH XL Signature
U3620HH XL
U3620HH XL
U3640RH XL
U3640RH XL
U3700HH XL Deluxe
U3710HH XL2
U3720HG XL
U3720HR XL
U3720HR XL
U3760HH XL Instellashield
U3760HH XL Instellashield
U3761HH XL
U3770HH XL Silver
U3771HH XL Silver
U3772HHB XL Silver
U3772HHG XL Silver
U3772HHT XL Silver
U3774HHBS Legacy
U3774HHBS Legacy
U3774HHMS Legacy
U3774HHMS Legacy
U3780HH XL Silver
U3800HH XL Element Pro
U3800HH XL Element Pro
U3840HHS Classic Heritage
U3840HHS Classic Heritage
U3980H2B XL
U3980H2B XL
U3990H2B XL
U3990H2B XL
U4070H2L XL2
U4080H2B XL2 Xtended Life
U4080H2R XL2 Xtended Life
U4080H2Y XL2 Xtended Life
U4090H2B XL2 Xtended Life
U4090H2G XL2 Xtended Life
U4090H2P XL2 Xtended Life
U4090H2T XL2 Xtended Life
U4120H2B Intellashield XL
U4120H2B XL2
U4120H2P Intellashield XL
U4120H2P XL2 Ultra
U4120H2R Intellashield XL
U4120H2R XL2
U4140HH XL Pro Plus
U4140HH XL2
U4150H2P Intellashield XL Gold
U4150H2P XL2
U4150H2R Intellashield XL Gold
U4150H2R XL2
U4151H2G Intellashield XL Gold
U4151H2G XL2
U4160HH XL Signature Plus
U4160HH XL2 Signature Plus
U4170HH XL Premier Deluxe
U4170HH XL2 Premier Deluxe
U4180HHC XL Signature Plus
U4180HHC XL2 Signature Plus 2
U4180HHT XL Signature Plus
U4180HHT XL2 Signature
U4190H2 XL2
U4200H2 Professional
U4300H2B Graphite
U4490HH XL2
XL2000HH XL Classic Commercial
XL2000RH XL Classic Commercial
XL2000RS XL Classic Commercial
XL2070RH XL Classic Commercial
XL2090RHM XL Classic Commercial
XL2090RSM XL Classic Commercial
XL2100HH XL Classic Commercial
XL2100RH XL Classic Commercial
XL2100RS XL Classic Commercial
XL2200RS Lightweight Simply Amazing
XL2250RS Lightweight Simply Amazing
XL2260RS Lightweight Simply Amazing
XL2300RS Lightweight Simply Amazing
XL2310RS XL Classic Commercial
XL2320RH XL Classic Commercial
XL2330HS XL Classic Commercial
XL2330RS XL Classic Commercial
XL2400RS XL Classic Commercial
XL2450RH XL Signature Commercial
XL2500HH XL Classic Commercial
XL2500RH XL Classic Commercial
XL2540RH XL Xtended Life Commercial
XL2600HH XL Xtended Life
XL2610HH XL Xtended Life
XL2700HH XL Xtended Life
XL2700RHY XL Xtended Life
XL2800H2B XL Xtended Life
XL2800H2US XL Xtended Life
XL2800H2W XL Xtended Life
XL2800HAY XL Classic
XL3640HH XL Outlook
XL3640HH XL Outlook
XL3800H2B XL
XL3800H2B XL
XL3900H2B XL
XL3900H2B XL
XL3910H2B XL
XL3910H2B XL
XL9000D XL9
XL9000W XL9
XL9100C XL9
XL9100HG XL9
XL9200 XL9
XL9300 XL9 Commercial
XL9300C XL9 Commercial
XL9300G XL9 Commercial
XL9300H XL9 Commercial
XL9300MM XL9 Commercial
XL9300MS XL9 Commercial
XL9800 XL9
HALO100 Halo 100
HALO100 Halo 100
CC1600 Ultimate Compact
CC1605 Ultimate Compact
BF-2175G Big Foot 17"
XL7-605EYB XL7
XL7-705ECB XL7

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SKU 03-00476-01
Brand Oreck
Manufacturer Oreck

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