Unlike the more common "Standing" or "Upright" type of household vacuum cleaners, the Canister Vacuums has a cylinderical horizontally styled body. The Canister word came from the word 'container.

This container holds the bag or a filter, has a motor chamber and is mounted on set of wheels. This container also has an opening for vacuum hose which itself can be attached to floor brushes, tools like dusting brush, crevice tool, etc. 

Here's what makes the Canister Vacuum better over the other forms of vacuum:

  • Maneuverability
  • Flexibility to use on carpets, tiles, laminates or other types of flooring
  • Use the vacuum for light dusting using the tools like dusting brush
  • Feels light as the vacuum is on set of wheels and one only has to hold the hose in hand. This was one of most important selling point as the vacuum weight used to be quiet heavy for an average person to move around

Some of most prominent models introduced were the Canister Line from Aerus Company and then later on by Maytag Hoover Company. Currently Miele Vacuum company from Germany makes the best known Canister Vacuums. Electrolux also has some good models as per Consumer Reports.