One allergen that you do not even want to get started growing in your home is mold.  Indoor mold can cause members of your family to get very sick and prevention is key.  Removing mold when it is just beginning in your home is essential to ensure that it does not get beyond the point where you can get rid of it.  There are many different ways to help to prevent and to eradicate mold in its earliest stages without introducing more allergens or contaminants into the air of your home. offers several ways for you to do just this.  You just have to determine which one(s) are right for you and your needs.

Mold spores can travel through the air getting into the body through breathing.  Air purifiers with HEPA filters, as well as vacuum cleaners with HEPA vacuum cleaner filters and vacuum cleaner bags can help you to get the mold spores contained and help to increase the air quality of your home.  Regular vacuuming can help to remove them from your carpet and regular air purifier use can get the rest of them from the air in your home to help keep them from growing and spreading.

Steamers are another tool that you can use in your home to help prevent mold and to help remove it when it begins taking hold.  Steam is a natural way to sanitize your home, including wood floors and other hard floors, as well as carpet.  If your steamer has attachments, you can even use it to steam the walls, baseboards, and other parts of the home.  This can go a long way to helping you to remove the mold and get your home as clean as possible.

Sprays are another way to treat any mold that you see in your home.  While you may think that bleach will do it, bleach does not prevent the spores from reappearing.  You want a special treatment that is for those that suffer from allergies like the Allersearch Mold Removal Sprays that you can find on EZVacuum.  This treatment works for up to 90 days and is to be used anywhere that moisture is prevalent, such as in the bathrooms, kitchen, etc.  Since it is completely non-toxic, it can be used throughout your home to help to reduce the growth of mold. W

If indoor mold is something that you have dealt with or that you are worried about, you want to be sure that you get the tools to deal with it.  The right vacuum cleaner accessories, steamers, and sprays can give you the upper hand over indoor mold and allow you to keep your home healthier and mold-free.