We often get phone calls and customers want to place the order online. A couple of days, a lady from Dayton, Ohio called and asked for Oreck vacuum cleaner bags CCPK8 bags. So as usual, our sales person asked her to put this number CCPK8 on our website search box.

When she did that, she asks her "I see both CCPK8 and CCPK8DW. Whats the difference?" It so happens that when you search on our website, it will try to bring the items as close to the keyword being searched. I am not a geek enough to why it does that but I guess it is to take care of people who just enter partial part numbers like 61110 instead of 61110-12.

So coming back the question - What is the difference between CCPK8DW and CCPK8?

First the similarities

  • Both are 8 bags in a pack
  • Both are antibacterial bags
  • Both have 630 cubic inch capacity
  • Both are for Oreck models with bag docking system - check this graphic to understand the fit info

Now the difference

  • The CCPK8DW bags come with Hypo Allergenic filteration with CELOC technology. They are 3 layer bags with a inner coating. They also come with saniseal bag closing system which keeps the dust inside when you the bag is full and ready to be put in dust bins.
  • CCPK8 does not come with CELOC technology and is not a 3 layered bag.


So if you have allergies or pets at home or you are just a clean freak, go with CCPK8DW. Its a better choice than CCPK8. Also don't forget to read the reviews left by our customers on both the products.